Finding a Storage Solution by Shopping Your Home

How to Shop Your Home for Storage Solutions

Have you ever thought about shopping your own home for a storage solution?  We enter our home via the screened porch and it becomes a wasteland of shoes as neither of us wears our athletic shoes in the house.  At times it is ridiculous the number of pairs that are on the porch.  We’ve talked about building a storage unit for shoes for the porch but that’s still on our “to do” list.  For a temporary fix, I decided to shop my own home to see if I could find a solution.

A shelf that my dad built for my television for my first apartment ended up being the perfect solution to my storage problem.  I’ve been using the shelf in my basement for storing decorations that I’m not currently using.  I found another place to keep those things and moved the shelf my dad made to the porch.

Organizing Shoes4


It’s so nice to have a designated are for shoe storage.

Organizing Shoes

No, this isn’t especially attractive, but it looks better than having shoes strewn from one end of the porch to the other.  And, I know my dad would be happy that the shelf he made for me is still handy 22 years later.

Do you ever shop your own home for storage solutions?  I do this frequently when I’m organizing as I’d much rather use what I have than buy something new.

If you have a shoe storage solution that works at your home, I’d love to hear about it.


  1. A perfect solution! We actually did this in our entry way when our kids were growing up. Now there are just the two of us, so it is a lot easier to organize everything.

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