First Day of Fall at SML

After running and playing tennis, we spent the rest of the first day of fall at the lake.  After three hours in our chairs on the dock, we went for a boat ride.  We both were sad to think that this could be one of our last rides for 2012.

Boat Ride at SML

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Mr. SP’s banjo and guitar teacher played at a wedding at 5 pm, so we cruised around the point in our boat enjoying a bit of good old bluegrass music.  Ricky is performing with his two daughters.
Ricky Playing

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I love a wedding!  It looks like the bride and groom took their vows in front of this antique mantel.  Isn’t that a clever idea?  Below you can see the band and wedding area from the other side of the point.
Wedding at Saunder's Marina2

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Wedding Chairs

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Another point had a tent with tables set up for dining.
Wedding at Saunder's Marina

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Using my camera’s zoom, I discovered a photo booth.  Fun!!
Wedding Dress Up Area

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I was so curious about the table settings and couldn’t see them from the boat.
Wedding Tables

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Zooming in I can see mason jars, Coke bottles, and pinwheels.  Fun!  I also spotted what looked like a marshmallow roasting area on the other side of the point but didn’t take a picture of it.
Wedding Tables 2

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Since we were in the area, we decided to look at a house that we came very close to buying in 2011.  I think we’ll always regret that we couldn’t afford it. Here it is in March, 2011.IMG_6375

Note the dock in 2011.

The house is now gone and the dock has been replaced.  Wonder what the new owners will build in this spot?  I hope it is charming and not a McMansion.
SML House is Gone

After our boat ride we cooked hamburgers on the dock.  This grill is new.  Did I tell you that our trusty Vermont Castings grill ended up in the lake after the derecho in June?  That grill was HEAVY and it blowing into the lake shows just how severe the winds were with that storm.  We really like our replacement grill and it is small enough to be stored in our storage room.
Grilling at the lake

On the drive home we were rewarded with a gorgeous Bedford County sunset.
Bedford County Sunset

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What a great way to spend the first day of fall!
What did you do on the first day of fall?


  1. That wedding looks like it would have been a fun one to attend! Beautiful pictures. Still warm weather here in AZ, doesn’t feel like fall yet!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely first day of fall. The wedding pictures show that they really put a lot of thought and planning into their day and it looks like it turned out fabulous. The sunset looked like the perfect ending to a wonderful day. Take Care.

  3. I love the dresser by the photo booth. Thanks for snagging these photos for us. I enjoy looking at weddings but I’ll clobber my daughters if either one plans an outdoor event — I wouldn’t be able to stand the worry about the weather. This bride and groom lucked out. (We like our little Weber at the lake.)

  4. Pretty! and what clever ideas the bride and groom selected for their big day! It looks like the perfect wedding day out on the point. Smith Mountain Lake really is the prettiest!

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