Nature Inspired Fall Mantel Decor

Fall is nearly here and it is time to think about fall mantel decor. This year to decorate my mantel for fall, I used elements from nature to create a Nature Inspired Fall Mantel.

Fall mantel ideas using items from nature including bittersweet, lotus pods, and pine cones.

Nature Inspired Fall Mantel

I’m thrilled to share my mantel as part of a Fall Ideas Tour hosted by Angie of Postcards from the Ridge. Angie is one of my favorite bloggers and I love her style of decor. If you’ve never visited Angie’s blog, you are in for a treat!

Fall Ideas Tour - Ideas for decorating for fall including mantels, tables, DIYs, Tiered Trays, Porches and Decks

For today’s Fall Ideas Tour, you’ll find ideas for fall mantels, tablescapes, tiered trays, porches and decks, and fall crafts and DIYs.

You’ll find links to all of the projects at the end of this post. You don’t want to miss enjoying all of the fabulous ideas shared today!

Fall Mantel Decor

My formal living room is decorated for fall using traditional fall colors of orange and brown.

This is the view that our dog Sherman has as he spends his day on the sofa in this room. I enjoy this view with him as we spend a lot of time on the floor in front of these chairs enjoying cuddle sessions.

Living Room Decorated for fall
Chairs / Pillow Covers

I recently shared how I decorated the cloche on the table in front of our fireplace for fall. A cloche is such a handy decor item to use in any season.

I love the warm and cozy feeling that my fall mantel gives my living room for fall.

Fireplace and mantel decorated for fall

Decorating a Mantel for Fall

This year’s fall mantel started with hanging a large Bittersweet wreath that I purchased long ago in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Mantel decorated for fall with bittersweet, lotus pods, pine cones, and candles.

I have discovered that purchasing this large Bittersweet wreath was a wise decision as I have used this wreath for many years and I love it as much now as I did when I purchased it years ago.

Here are a few similar fall wreaths that I spotted on Amazon:

Etsy is another spot that is wonderful for discovering beautiful wreaths. This is a gorgeous handmade Bittersweet wreath that I found, along with this beauty, and this one.

After hanging the wreath, a used two Bittersweet garlands found at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, VA along the top of the mantel.

I discovered a fascinating family connection to Black Dog Salvage a few years ago. Don’t miss touring my great-great grandfather’s stone house beside Black Dog Salvage that is now a rental.

Fall fireplace mantel decorated with bittersweet, lotus pods, pine cones, and candles.

To keep the garland in place, I taped it down in a few spots with clear packing tape.

I love my Bittersweet garlands. I found a few similar Bittersweet garlands on Etsy: similar to mine; another pretty one; one more.

Adding Candles to the Mantel

After the garland was in place, I added three brass candle holders to either end of the mantel with orange dripless candles.

Fall mantel decorated with brass candlesticks with orange candles, bittersweet, lotus pods, and pine cones.

My brass candle holders are ones that I purchased in the early 90s or received as a wedding present during that same time period. I have always loved brass, even when it wasn’t in style for a number of years.

Fall Mantel decorated with nature inspired items including lotus pods, bittersweet, and pine cones.

I like a symmetrical mantel with matching items on either end.

Fall fireplace decorated with items from nature including Bittersweet, Lotus, and Pine Cones.

Adding Elements from Nature

After the Bittersweet garlands and candlesticks were in place, I added dried Lotus pods and pine cones.

Fall mantel decorating ideas including using items from nature.

I purchased my Lotus pods years ago and the pine cones are ones that I’ve picked up and saved over the years.

I’ve been known to come home from a trip with pine cones packed along with my clothes in my suitcase, especially if I find ones that aren’t available in nature in my area of Virginia.

Fall mantel decor with brass candlestick holders, candles, bittersweet, lotus, and pine cones.

If you aren’t familiar with Lotus pods, they also can be purchased with stems added making them perfect to use in a fall arrangement.

Back in 2007, when my blog was just three months old, I shared a fall front door arrangement using Lotus pods with stems. I think it’s time to make another fall arrangement using my unique cornucopia.

Votive Candles

The last addition to my mantel was five votive candles tucked in between the Lotus and pine cones.

Fall mantel decorated with candles, brass, lotus, pine cones, and bittersweet.

I hesitated to light the candles because I was afraid of starting a fire, but I couldn’t resist lighting just the votive candles for a few pictures.

Nature inspired fall mantel decor with bittersweet, pine cones, and lotus pods

I love how these candles look lit but only kept them lit long enough for pictures for safety’s sake. (Poor Mr. SP is probably going to have a heart attack when he reads this blog post and sees these candles lit.)

Fall mantel decor with candles, bittersweet, lotus, and pine cones.

Decorating the Hearth for Fall

After the mantel was decorated, I turned my attention to the fireplace hearth.

Fall fireplace mantel with dried gourds on the hearth in a black iron tub.

I decorated the fireplace hearth for fall with an antique cast iron tub filled with dried gourds.

The tub belongs to my mom and I borrowed it for last year’s Christmas mantel and still haven’t returned it to her.

Dried gourds in a black iron tub used on the hearth of a decorated for fall mantel

I dried all of these gourds and have used them for years and years.

The largest gourd was grown by my dad and I displayed it in my classroom during my first year of teaching in 1991. I dried it and have used it for fall decor every year since then.

I enjoyed sharing my fall mantel with you today and will be sharing more fall decor with you soon!

More Fall Inspiration

Now it’s time to get some fall inspiration from my blogging friends!  Click on the links below to visit each blogger sharing their fall decorating ideas.

Thanks again to Angie of Postcards from the Ridge for organizing this fun tour!

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Fall mantel decorated with bittersweet, lotus pods, pine cones, and candles.


  1. Paula, do you know how much I love using nature in my decor. Your wreath looks so real and is absolutely gorgeous. Bittersweet is one of my favorite fall vines. There’s one place close to me that grows it, however it’s usually not ready until the middle of September. Thanks for the tips to purchase some of this fall beauty.

  2. Paula, I always love seeing how you decorate your mantel each season! As expected, this year’s mantel is just gorgeous! I love all the bittersweet and all your fall accessories including the stories behind them. I’ve always been a fan of brass as well! Great hopping with you again!

  3. I’d say Sherman has a pretty good view! Bittersweet is one of my favorite Fall looks, I love everything about it, and the mantel is the prefect place for it.

  4. Paula I love how you use meaningful objects in your decorating. The stories behind the pieces add so much. Could you help us out with how to organize and store our loved pieces for decorating? You seem to have a huge collection.

  5. I just love your bittersweet! It’s gorgeous and the colors are stunning. I love how you have a story for all of your decor. That makes it so meaningful, not just pretty. And you made me laugh out loud about Mr. SP having a heart attach over the candles. I hope he doesn’t! LOL

    1. He has yet to say anything so he either hasn’t read my post or he didn’t notice the lit candles. In his defense, I did almost set the kitchen on fire last week by leaving a potholder on top of a pot and forgetting that it was on the stove. The potholder caught on fire and luckily he saw it and put it out. The house was smoked up and it could have been disastrous.


  6. Paula, I just love this warm and welcoming space. It’s so beautiful with that pop of Fall color.

  7. I’ve always loved an orange and blue color combo! Your entire room looks so vibrant and perfectly fall. I need to find some Bittersweet stems or vine or something! It’s beautiful how you displayed it all. Happy fall!

  8. The colors of your bittersweet wreath and garland are so perfect for Fall! I also love your basket of dried gourds, and the fact that you did them yourself and they’ve lasted for years is so amazing!

  9. What I like best in this room is the way you carried little touches of orange throughout – not just on the mantle – but also the jar at the window and the lampshade on the side table.

  10. Oh my goodness – I love your mantel! It’s the perfect balance of not too much and not too little – just right! I especially love the way you spread the same colors throughout the room and it looks so pretty with your blue draperies.

  11. Paula, I love your mantel display using traditional fall colors and elements! I had to giggle a bit when you revealed the date of your first year of teaching. My first year was 1978 and I didn’t teach for 2 years after I got my degree! I was recently telling someone how fun teaching was for the first 15 or so years.

  12. Paula,

    I always love seeing how you decorate your pretty mantel. I love the traditional colors you’ve used. I adore those chairs and the pillows are the perfect addition. Those goards are just right for fall too!

  13. I adore how you do symmetry, that orange bittersweet is perfection with the blue of your flanking curtains! I had never seen bittersweet until I saw you post it, your wreath and garland make me happy too! xo

  14. I love all the traditional colors and the fresh look for Fall. You have such beautiful taste and style. Paula. I am always amazed at your creativity.

  15. Paula, your mantel and hearth are so beautiful. I love all the natural elements and the brass candlesticks. I was thinking just the other day that I should get my brass candlesticks out and start using them again.

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