Fishing Trip

The guys had a great time fishing. The weather was good, no one got sick, and some fish were caught.

They caught 80 Triggerfish, one Cobia, and one King Mackeral.

William is clowing around with a few fish. He is one of my favorite cousins.

The guys especially enjoyed the boat ride.

They ended up with over 30 pounds of fish. I hope that I can figure out how to cook Mr. SP’s portion! What you see here will be split four ways.


  1. Oh, Paula, how much fun are you gonna have finding recipes for all that fish?!! 🙂 Was glad to read that you found my grocery store misery entertaining. 😉

  2. Thats alot of fish! I’m thinking on the grill, with a little lemon pepper. Or blackened, in the pan. My BIL owns a charter fishing business in Florida. His favorite way is to filet the fish, cut in large chunks or nuggets, dredge in seasoned bisquick and deep fry to a light brown. Yum Yum

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