Japanese Maple

I’ve wanted a Japanese Maple for a long time.  I love their shape, their size, and the fact that their lacy foliage often turns a brilliant color in the fall.

An empty spot in a small bed beside our screened porch steps became the home to my new Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum ‘orangeola.’
Japanese Maple

I chose this variety because the leaves change color from spring to fall.  The leaves emerge in spring with green and orange tones.
JM Spring


By May the leaves turn purple.
JM May


As summer progresses the leaves turn green with a purplish undertone.
JM July


In fall the leaves turn a brilliant orange.
JM November


When I purchased my plant, it was promised to stop traffic in the fall.  It might take a few years until mine is big enough to stop traffic.
Japanese Maple2

When mature the plant should fill this bed.  I’ll remove the Boxwoods and Liriope when the time comes.

What do you think about Japanese Maples?  Do you see a lot of them in your area?

I’m sharing with Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading Party at Serenity Now.

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  1. I have a Japanese Maple and just love it! Mine is the red variety and I picked it for the same reasons as you. I am sure you will have many years of enjoyment from this pretty tree!

  2. It sounds like these really put on a show! I like the way you have landscaped this area, very pretty!


  3. there are some in my area, yes.
    And they really are show stoppers in the fall !
    We don’t have the room for one of these but they are beautiful!!

  4. Paula we have two Japanese maples at the end of our driveway and I love them! Their leaves changes from green to vivid red to deep burgundy and they need no maintenane at all. Love them!

  5. Oh goody this is what mine will look like…we planted two at the each corner of our house this spring…It will be a couple of years before it looks really pretty but I have enjoyed the color that has changed on this little tree so far this summer.

  6. I love maple trees! The colors are always magnificent!! I’ve managed to kill two in my front yard. They weren’t Japanese maples though. One was a Silver Leaf Maple (?) and I don’t even know what kind the other one was – some kind of maple. I’m sure your tree will provide you with MANY years of beauty!

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