Free Thrifty Treasures

My friend is in the process of selling her mom’s home and asked me to help her take some things to the dump yesterday.  There were some treasures in her dump pile that made it home with me.

My favorite is this old tea cart.  I think it would be great to use for parties on my patio or for a plant stand on my screened porch.  I can’t wait to give this a make-over!

This cute cooler was also destined for the dump.  I plan to use it on Thursday for soft drinks for the retirement party that I’m hosting.  The other things weren’t in the dump pile but would have gone to Goodwill or have been sold in an estate sale. 

I separated the balls and pinecones into zip lock bag organized by color.  These will be handy for decorating next Christmas.  The cake pan is brand new and certainly will be of use one of these days.  The price is still on it!

After I emptied the baskets, I realized that they could be handy for all sorts of uses including holding rolls, chips, or napkins for a party.

I got some good stuff for FREE, didn’t I?

I’m sharing at Rhoda’s weekly Thrifty Treasures party at Southern Hospitality.


  1. You did really well! I am sure your friend much preferred someone using these fabulous things rather than throwing them away.

  2. Free is good! Love that tea cart. I am sure it is going to be fabulous when you finish restoring it!

  3. Love all of your treasures. I would have brought them home too. The teacart is wonderful, and I can’t wait to see it all redone. Love all the ornaments and the baskets are super. That cooler is a keep also. I’d say you made quite a haul. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi Paula Sweetie…
    Oh my gosh what gems you received. I too, would have rescued that tea cart. I can’t wait to see your make over. I know it will be fabulous.

    Love that Coleman cooler as well. You can never have to many coolers. I love that red color too. Perfect for the upcoming Memorial Day and the 4th. I love it.

    Your baskets are darling and what fun to have napkins in them. That is so darn cute.

    Can’t wait to see the cake you make in your new cake pan as well.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Have a wonderful week. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. Good friend and treasures Paula, I think that tea cart is going to be a great addition to your home when you get it fixed up.

  6. Yes you did, this tea cart will be very useful. If you restore it a little it will look like a new one.

  7. You can not beat FREE. One of the best words.
    It is nice to know that people are also willing to donate nice things to charities as well. Our thrift shops often have mainly broken items.

    I am sure you will enjoy your great finds.

  8. Can’t wait to see what you do with that tea cart! You did get some neat things from the trash pile!

  9. I am sooooo in love with that red ice chest!!!! I saw a similar one on a movie last night and was coveting it. LOOOOOOVE IT! The tea cart and baskets are great too.

  10. Dang, you scored some good finds! I’m super jealous of the tea cart, that is VERy cute and a more rare find!

  11. I LOVE that tea cart!! Majorly envious here. 😉 That’s a neat looking cooler too!!

  12. I LOVE that tea cart, and that old cooler is very cool. So nice of you to help your friends mom out ;).

  13. My kind of freebies! My parents used to have a cooler like that when I was little. We camped every year and so I know vintage when I see it.

    Those pretty napkins in your baskets are pretty. I know they were not part of the freebies but I had to comment on them. I love seeing all the pretty napkins that are avaiable in stores.

  14. That ice chest is awesome! And I bet you are going to turn that tea cart into something great!

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