Thrifty Treasures From the Beach

Most people don’t think about thrifting when they are at the beach, but a thrifting we did go last Saturday afternoon.  The OBX has quite a few thrift stores and like any place, it is hit or miss to find a treasure.

I found three things that I really liked.  The large Pyrex bowl was $3.00. the smaller Pyrex bowl with the glass lid was $2.00, and the mushroom bowl was $.50. 


I can see the large bowl full of potato salad for a picnic and I know that I’ll use the smaller bowl for transporting dips for post tennis parties and for storing leftovers at home.  I have an idea for decorating with the mushroom bowl, I just haven’t taken time to execute my plan.  I love the 1970’s design of all three pieces.

I’ll have to admit that I had a bit of a shopping high after discovering these treasures for such a small amount of money!

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  1. Paula, that’s awesome! I no longer use Tupperware at all (except for the super large ones if I have to make a pasta salad for 20!)- I only use glass and Pyrex. You scored some great deals!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. The pattern on the Pyrex dishes looks familiar. You did a great thrifty job, Paula!


  3. I’m a sucker for the old pyrex too! I love that it’s so useful and not just for display. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of use from those pieces. 🙂

  4. Great buys! I bought a smaller one like you have but no top came with it…I am still on the lookout for a top to match it. I am loving all the older pyrex and getting into milk glass along the way too.

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