Thrifty Treasures :: Free Bottles!

I noticed today that my neighbor had three boxes at the end of his driveway with a note saying “Help Yourself.”  I couldn’t get over there fast enough to see what treasures might be in the boxes.  Each box was full of old bottles, many of them old liquor bottles.  I don’t need any bottles.  In fact, I have quite a few empty bottles in my basement but I had to save at least a few of them from ending up in the recycle bin or worse yet, the dump.

These two are my favorites.  The whiskey bottle has such a neat graphic on the label.  I’m sure that I’ll eventually end of decorating something using it.  The bottle on the right is a gallon sized Clorox bottle.  My mom used to make lamps out of these.  Perhaps I’ll do the same with this bottle.

This bottle is labeled “water” but I doubt very seriously if it ever held water.  People used to not be stupid enough to buy water.  This probably held water with a nice kick!

I couldn’t pass up these old Coke bottles.  The one on the left’s glass is quite heavy.  These will be cute holding summer flowers.

This liquor bottle has a pretty glass stopper.  Mama has a decanter collection, so I’ll offer this to her and I’ll bet she’ll be thrilled to take it.

Two weeks in a row my treasures have been free.  I’m loving that!

I’m sharing with Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures Party at Southern Hospitality.


  1. Aren’t those FUN, Paula!!! I love the brown clorox bottle!! I didn’t know they used to put it in glass bottles!!! Cool find!


  2. Can’t beat free! I agree on the water bottle. I don’t think they sold bottled water prior to the 90’s.

  3. Those are pretty cool treasures for free. Even if you had paid for them it would have been great. I never knew Clorox came in a glass bottle! Interesting post!

  4. Wow. Free is as about as thrifty as you can get and you sure got some good bottles. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  5. These are some of the most amazing bottles i have seen. These must be years old..

  6. One of my favorite 4 letter words…free. I love the old bottles.

  7. Miss Char says:

    Great finds Paula and FREE too! I’d keep an eye on that neighbors trash from now on.

  8. Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage says:

    Oh my goodness!! I just about fell over!! FREE!?!?!? That is great!! 🙂 Lucky you!!

  9. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Woohoo for free treasures!! Love the idea of using them for flowers. 🙂

  10. Love the bottles that you have collected.

  11. ShannonPinNOLA says:

    Girl, I would’ve fought you for those bottles!!!

  12. Rambling Girl says:

    Free is the best game in thrifting….love those bottles and I can see a daisy in eash of the coke bottles…oh my love me some daisies!

  13. Southern Lady says:

    Wow, you found some great treasures! Carla

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