Fruits of my Labor

I worked really hard yesterday to finish my mulching.  There’s one more area in our yard that needs mulch, but it can wait for now.

The garden is now mulched with leaves and straw.  The straw is leftover from when our yard was planted last summer after our driveway construction.  I’m glad that we raked it up and saved it once the grass came up because I don’t think I would have had enough saved leaves to finish mulching the garden without it.

The brown grass is driving me nuts but when I have a (hopefully) Bermuda free yard by fall, the wait will be worth it.  We recently decided that we will kill the rest of the yard, too.

I love how moss grows on our retaining wall.  It makes the concrete a bit more natural looking.

I lost count of how many wheelbarrow loads I pushed from the bottom of the hill to the garden.  Wonder what the calorie count was on all of the pushing and pitchforking??

I noticed that I have one green cherry tomato and a few Gypsy pepper that are almost ready to pick.  I am so ready for fresh from the garden veggies to enjoy.

I used almost every single leaf that I saved for mulching.  My pile is now bare!

Before I tackled the garden, I finished spreading “pretty mulch” on this bed.  The bed doesn’t look that large from the picture, but it sure is big in real life!  If you are wondering what the mess is behind the tree, it’s my hidden supply of greenstone, bricks, and pavers leftover from our driveway.  (This can’t be seen from the street or from most any angle in my yard.)

It was hard work doing all of this mulching but it is the work that I enjoy doing.  I’ll take a day in my yard over a day in my classroom any day!  Summer break is a good thing!  Next up – weeding my flowerbeds.


  1. Looks great and you got some exercise in too! We just picked out first tomato of the season but cheated a little as the plant already had several tomatos growning when we bought it. It will be a while before the other plants have any!

  2. looks great!
    I always think the same thing about how many calories I burn while outside working…hahaha.
    Glad Im not the only one!

  3. You go, girl! 😉 I can’t believe you got all that done. Love that big bed!!

    PS. I have a green pepper plant that has one pepper on it. How do I know when it’s ready to pick?? :s

  4. WOW! I know how much hard work goes into doing something like this! Great job! And then to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Looks great! (LOVE the moss on the wall too!)

  5. Good work and I know you had to have burned a lot of calories. I burn mine doing laundry!!


  6. You have really been working hard!! Looking good. I too love the natural moss growing.

    Hey, I made your choc. chip cookies the other day. My little boys were over and I sent home most with them. Now I wish I had one! 🙂 They are so soft and yummy.


  7. I always consider calories burned as well, and when I feel the burn in my biceps I am pleased. Now the lower back isn’t as fun, but the rest of the muscles,…lol.

    We don’t have flowers on our tomato plants yet (southern Ontario) so I’m a little jealous. 🙂 Can’t wait until we can both harvest.

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