Lake House Basement Bathroom Reveal

After months of hard work, our lake house basement bathroom is finished and ready to be used and enjoyed.

Lake House Basement Bathroom Reveal

Lake House Basement Bathroom Reveal

I’ve shared the evolution of this bathroom as we worked on it over many months.

I’m now sharing the end result with before and after pictures.

The Final Product

Come on in and see our basement bathroom!

The last time that I shared this space, the room didn’t have a door or a threshold.

Lake House Basement Bathroom

We originally purchased a fiberglass hollow core door for this room and are both so glad that we used a solid wood door instead.

The three wood doors that we used in our basement were all stained with Zar Wood Stain in Charcoal and sealed with three coats of General Finishes Topcoat.

Lake House Basement Bathroom

This picture shows the shower taken before the bathroom door was installed .

Lake House Basement Bathroom

We have yet to use the shower but have already learned that it is super handy to have a bathroom in our newly finished basement.

This summer when we are on the dock, it will be especially useful to have a basement bathroom rather than having to go upstairs to use the facilites.

Lake House Basement Bathroom

We have both agreed that for art in our basement, we want to use things that are meaningful to us.

Mr. SP took this picture a few years ago when he arrived for Labor Day weekend. Since then the trees on the shoreline have been removed.

Sunset at Smith Mountain Lake

Our bathroom is very well lit and the large mirror that we used is going to be great for when guests use this space for hair drying, makeup applying, or shaving.

Lake House Basement Bathroom

The Before

This is what the bathroom looked like when the project started in August 2019.

This shot of the bathroom is at beginning stages of framing the space.

This picture was taken as we worked on framing the basement.

The bathroom was framed with a mixture of metal and 2×4 because we ran out of the metal.

Here is the bathroom with drywall in place. We later modified the drywall above the tub to remove the ledge.

We had a break in our project from September to late December 2019.

We hired someone to tape, mud, and sand the drywall. He was doing the work on the side and it took him three months to get the project done.

When he was finished, we both were recharged after a three-month break and were ready to get going once again on the project.

Basement after drywall has been taped, mudded, and sanded

This project was a labor of love and a lot of work, but also very rewarding.

Bathroom Resources

These are the products that we used in our bathroom.

Lake House Basement Project

These post chronicle converting our unfinished basement into a family room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Lake view at Smith Mountain Lake, VA


  1. Just beautiful! The basement being done is the perfect way to start your Summer!! Enjoy all yours and your hubby’s hard work!

  2. It looks great Paula! Love the colors you chose and that picture of the sunset at the Lake is beautiful. You both must feel so awesome that this basement project is pretty much finished. Great job!

    1. We are both very glad that we are nearly done with the project, especially now that it is warm outside.


  3. Hi Paula!
    Your basement bathroom looks great! I know you’re glad all of the remodeling is done. I am going to go back through and catch up on the other updates. I love how you’re decorating with meaningful pieces. It will make the space all the more relaxing for y’all.

    1. Thank you, Kim! We are very glad to be almost finished. We still need to finish the closet in the hall and in the bedroom and install two thresholds.


    1. Thank you! There are so many people that we want to come visit now that this bathroom is finished. Hope visiting can happen soon.


  4. My favorite thing about your project is those doors. They make me want to get all new doors for our lake house. The doors are all just FLAT, no molding at all. Speaking of “meaningful” art, in one bedroom we framed photos we took around the lake of old boat garages. We did them in Sepia tone to give that OLD look.

    1. We both love the doors! They were pricey but we both think well worth it. I love your idea of using pictures of old boat garages as art. I may have to copy that!


  5. Love that door and the sunset picture! What a great memory. Bet you are so glad it is done and that you smile every time you walk in the room!

    1. We are so glad that the bathroom is finished! We still have the bedroom and hall closets to do and two thresholds. Besides that, we are done!


  6. Wow! You two are quite the team! I have a friend who also has a home at Smith Mountain Lake…it is lovely up there!

  7. It is beautiful! Though we have never finished our basement– yet we have had a working 1/2 bath ever since my boys were little and it has been WONDERFUL to have a bathroom handy so people don’t have to walk through the whole house to use one. I love your bathroom and good call on the solid core doors. I hope to swap our our door when we finally do get around to finishing it off as I’d like something more substantial than what we have now.

    1. It is definitely going to be wonderful to have the basement bathroom this summer when we are hanging out on the dock. It’s also great to have a third bathroom when we have a lot of family visiting.


  8. This entire basement finishing is beautiful. You did such a great job. I am trying to find your shower curtain which I love — very classy— but can’t seem to get it. Is there a link?

    1. Hi, Patricia! I purchased the shower curtain from Wayfair and it is no longer available. Thank you for your kind words on our basement project!

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