Osage Orange Time!

I know that fall is truly on the way when Osage Orange gets its fruit.   I keep my eye on a few trees on public property in my town and when the time is right, I take a few fruits for decorating.  This brain-like fruit is a real conversation starter and it makes a perfect late summer centerpiece for my table.

If you harvest these for decoration, watch them closely because they will eventually start to brown and will then quickly decompose.  A decomposing Osage Orange is a smelly thing.
Osage Orange is a sure sign of fall.  I love the change in season in Virginia.  The days are getting shorter and soon the night temperatures will be cool and comfortable.  Crickets and other insects are chirping up a storm in the evening, another fall sign.  Mums have buds, just about ready to burst.  I don’t want to say good-bye to summer, but I will welcome fall when it arrives.


  1. I have never seen those before. They look really cool. Maybe we don’t have those in the south, or maybe just not in my area. Very cool. I’m ready for fall!!

  2. I remember the first time that I saw one of these. I was teaching school and one of my students brought one in. We spent several minutes on the internet trying to discover what we had. I think they make beautiful home decorations. I just wish I knew where I could find some. Carla

  3. Beautiful! I could not agree more. We call them Hedge Apples here in Illinois. I have several Osage Orange Trees in my yard. The thorns can be terrible, but the fruit is they payoff. (and the wood burns super hot!) I haven’t seen any yet, but now I’ll have to go look! I do so love to decorate with them. I wish I could find a way to preserve them better. I have heard of rinsing in bleach solution but have never tried it.

  4. I havn’t seen these before and they are so different and pretty. Love the texture and color. Hugs, Marty

  5. I like how you’ve used them!! I am so ready for Fall—I like the shorter days and the cozy feeling at night. 🙂

  6. I haven’t seen these in ever so long! They do add to the Fall decor nicely. Your description of Fall makes me long for it even more. It won’t be long now. I love the season but dread what comes after unless I’m on the ski slopes in Colorado! I hope you’re enjoying the first day of September!

  7. Those are some funky fruits…but they look great in your fall decor! We still have the heat but we had some rain today, so maybe it will cool off for the holiday weekend. I hope summer lasts a little longer, just without the heat!


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