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Easy Baby Blanket by Sweet Pea

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My cousin had a sweet baby girl in September and I finally got the opportunity to see her over the weekend.  I wanted to give a gift that would be useful and also meaningful, so I made the baby a blanket.  I’ve made dozens of these over the years for family and friends.

Making this gift is quite easy, here’s how:

Materials Needed:
4 yards of flannel (The flannel will shrink when you wash it and both ends will need to be trimmed.)
2 packages satin blanket binding
Thread to match binding

1.  Wash fabric, dry and iron.  Fold fabric in half and cut so that you have two long pieces.  (When I purchased my fabric there were two long pieces already cut on the bolt.  They were nearly the same size, so I bought both.)  Lay one piece right side down and the other right side up, lining up the selvage edges.  One end will need to be squared off.  You can see in the picture below that both ends for my project need to be squared off since I started with two separate pieces of fabric.

First piece right side down:
Make A Baby Blanket Step 1

Second piece right side up on top of first piece:
Make A Baby Blanket Step 2

2.  Use a quilting square or a woodworking square to even the ends of the fabric.  I made a pencil line and then extended it using a longer straight edge.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 3

Make A Baby Blanket Step 4

Both ends are squared and marked with a pencil line.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 5

Cut on both pencil lines to make a rectangle.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 6

Cut off the selvage edges.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 7

3.  Pin blanket binding to both long sides leaving extra at both ends.  After both sides are sewn, cut the binding off even with the blanket edge.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 8

Pin binding to the short ends.  I’ve folded the pinned end under where I’ll start to sew.  Leave extra binding on the other end to fold under.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 9

When you get close to the edge, fold extra binding under and sew into place.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 10Make A Baby Blanket Step 11Make A Baby Blanket Step 12

4.  Sew a box shape in each corner to stabilize the binding.

Make A Baby Blanket Step 14

Press blanket, fold, and package for the special baby in your life.  I add a tag so that if the blanket lasts until the child is older, they’ll know who made it especially for them.
Make A Baby Blanket Step 15

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  1. Paula, this is precious! I didn’t know you could buy packages of blanket binding. I’ve shied away from making blankets because I thought my sewing skills weren’t up to it, but you make this look so easy! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Thanks for sharing Paula! I was looking for another easy project to make for my grandchild (arriving in February) and this looks like the perfect choice!

  3. Beautiful. They look just like the kind of baby blankets kiddos stay attached to for years after. I love the satin edge, and also your corner tag.

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