Baby Blanket – Part II

I made another baby blanket this weekend for a tennis friend who just had a little girl.  I used the same fabric that I used for the blanket that I made for my friend at school’s granddaughter.  For the first blanket that I made, I tried to miter the corners and had trouble making them look nice.  I used a different method for the blanket that I made this weekend and it was easier and looks better, too.

I used three yards of fabric for this blanket.  After washing the fabric, ironing it, cutting it into two equal pieces and squaring the ends, I sewed blanket binding to two sides.

IMG_1276 Next, I ironed down the edge of the binding.


And then pinned it into place. 


I sewed until I got within a couple of inches of the opposite side.  I folded the opposite edge down where it would match the side perfectly, ironed the edge under, and then sewed it into place.

This time I finished each corner by sewing a zig-zag square.


This method of attaching the binding is much easier than trying to miter the corners!

I’ve got one more blanket left to make, this time for a little boy.  I have the cutest doggie fabric to use for his blanket.

This is a really easy gift idea for a baby.  I like to give a handmade gift when I can.


  1. How adorable and it will be such a special treasure since you made it by hand!

    I’m hosting a new meme called “Summer Sundays” and it’s all about what summer means to YOU! It could be some special handmade treasure! Hope you’ll come and join us.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. Sweet! You make me want to get out my machine and sew! I like your solution to the corners – looks great!

  3. Oh yeah handmade is the best and really comes from the heart! What a cute blanket…I bought a sewing machine last year and still need to get on the bandwagon and play around with it.

    Looks like a great graduation party but a hot day in the South!

  4. That’s so cute! Thanks for sharing Paula. I’ve never made a blanket like this before. I’ll have to try it ’cause I also hate to do the corners.


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