Magazine Inspired Fall Pillows

My mom gets Women’s Day magazine and kindly passes it along to me to enjoy.  When I saw these pillows, I knew that I wanted to make a version for my screened porch.

Fall pillows with a felt squirrel and a felt fox

How To:

Print the squirrel template from the Women’s Day website (see link above) and cut it out of brown felt.
Squirrel Pattern

I wanted another animal and decided on a fox.  A quick Google search resulted in an image that I liked.  It was enlarged it to a size that fit well on my pillow and cut out of burgundy felt.
Fox Pattern

For a full tutorial on how to make an envelope style pillow, click here.  I made my pillows covers to fit two pillows that I had on-hand.  It’s less expensive to make covers to fit pillows I have rather than buying a new form for each pillow.  This also helps with seasonal storage.

I made my pillow covers from a drop cloth and added a burlap band for a bit of interest.  My original intent was to make a burlap ruffle, but I changed my mind when I realized how messy it would be to make a ruffle.  The burlap is 3” wide and folded in half.  It is pinned so that the burlap edges overhang.  Burlap unravels very easily, so I left extra on the edges to make sure that it didn’t all ravel away while I embroidered the squirrel and fox to the pillow front.
Pillow Front Burlap Edge

Here you can see that the burlap is two layers.  I did this so that the drop cloth would not show through.
Pillow Edge

Here you can better see that the burlap overhangs the edges by 1/2”.
Back Side of Pillow Front

After the burlap was sewn to the edges of the pillow fronts, I used embroidery thread and a blanket stitch to attach the squirrel and fox to each pillow front.
Squirrel Pillow in progress

Fox Pillow in progress

I like the contrast of the rust and brown.
Squirrel Blanket Stitch

After the squirrel and fox were attached, the excess burlap was trimmed away.
Squirrel and Fox Pillows with Burlap Trimmed

The pillow pieces were pinned, right sides together, and then sewn using a 1/2” seam allowance.
Pillows Pinned

The corners were clipped and the edges trimmed.  This picture shows the difference in trimmed and untrimmed.
Pillows untrimmed and trimmed

After turning and pressing, the pillows are ready to be enjoyed.

I’m not sure which design I like better!
Squirrel Pillow for Fall
Fox Pillow for Fall

A vintage wool blanket that was my grandfather’s adds color and contrast against the bench.  Plus, if I’m on the porch on a cold night, I can wrap up in the blanket.
Squirrel and Fox Pillows on Porch

It’s always fun to be inspired by a magazine and to add your own touches to the project.  I’m 100% pleased with this one!


  1. Your pillows look so cute. The burlap edge really adds to them too. I purchased material a couple of weeks ago to do some pillows, now I just need to clear the sewing table to make room to work on them.

  2. You are amazing, do you know how much these would cost at Post & Hearth or similar store?! I love these, your stitching is beautiful and your designs are perfect. Thanks for sharing, I found your link at Met Monday. Mary

  3. How wonderful it must feel to display these pillows you made. So perfect for the season. To answer your question on my blog regarding the cheese, can you believe I just bought it on Saturday at the Walmart on Forest Rd.? It’s in the specialty section as you walk in to the right. I hope they continue offering it as I would love to make the Smashed Potatoes for the holidays.

  4. These fall pillows are just gorgeous, Paula–thank you for the great tutorial! I really love the one that features the squirrel 🙂

  5. Paula, these are beautiful! The burlap edges add such a lovely touch to the drop cloth pillows. And you were so smart to search for images online and then just enlarge them for your pillow size! Yours are prettier than the Woman’s Day pillows! (I must say one of the Woman’s Day pillows reminds me of the autumn leaf pillows I made for myself several years ago. Yours are better!!)

  6. This is a great tutorial and they turned out so well! I think your color choices are even better than Women’s Day!

  7. Seriously!? These are the cutest pillows ever! I want to make an OWL one now! Thanks for sharing.

  8. So cute – looks very West Elmish!! Great embroidery work around the edges – that is the touch that takes it over the top!

  9. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I can’t wait to re-create them!

  10. Oh, my goodness! These are seriously the sweetest pillows! I love the little fox pillow! I’d be honored if you linked this up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop going on right now. I hope to see you and your adorable fall pillows there!

  11. I absolutely love this project. I think your pillows are cuter than the inspiration! Thanks for linking this up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop last week. I am featuring these tomorrow. Feel free to stop by to pick up a button! Hope to see you again tomorrow night at the party. It goes live at 8pm Central….Also, I’m co-hosting an “It’s Fall Y’all” link party starting on Saturday. I’d love for you to link these up there too. Have a super week!

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  14. Hey Paula! I’m stopping by from the Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party. I LOVE these pillows! Such a great idea – I might have to make a few for around the house this fall too.

    1. Thanks, Ginger! These pillows are one of my favorite fall projects ever. I’ll be getting them out in a few weeks!


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