Going “Home” for a few days

I’m attending a conference at JMU on Thursday, so I’m spending tonight and Thursday night with my mom. Mama lives a lot closer to JMU than I do, so staying with her will allow me to get a little more sleep on Thursday. My school friends will pick me up on their way to JMU at 6:30 am. Ouch!
The picture above is the view from the back of Mama’s farm and was taken in the spring. Maybe I’ll get some shots with a little fall color this afternoon.
I’m looking forward to spending some time with Mama. We’re going to go for a walk after I arrive this afternoon and then we’ll sit on her porch and talk. Too bad I have to work on Thursday. It would be a lot more fun just to hang out with her.


  1. LOVE the picture from the back of your Mama’s farm! And would love to see it in fall colors.

    You are fortunate to live near your Mama. 🙂

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