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Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days

A few weekends ago we participated in a fun event, Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days.

What is Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days?

SML Pirate Days was held July 20-22 at the lake and it’s purpose is to promote tourism at the lake.  People dress up like pirates and also dress their boats, docks and houses for the occasion.  Restaurants and shops host special events, there’s a pirate’s ball and party, and the main attraction is several water battles that take place on the lake.

Last year we watched pirate ships pass by our dock and this year we decided to join in the fun.

Our Costumes

A few weeks before Pirate Days, I ordered costumes and accessories on Amazon.  When they arrived, we tried them on at home.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Couples Pirate Costume #piratecostume #pirate #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #halloweencostume


Sherman helped by photobombing a few pictures.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Sherman Skulina photo bomb #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #shermanskulina

I tried to find a costume for Sherman, but couldn’t find a pirate costume to fit a 95 pound dog, so he sported a pirate collar for Pirate Days

Costume Sources

We were 100% pleased with the costumes, accessories, dog collar and pirate flag that I ordered from Amazon.

This post contains affiliate links. For full disclosure go here.

Making Our Pirate Boat

On our way to the lake for SML Pirate Days, we stopped at Lowe’s to buy PVC pipe to make a mast for our boat to fly our pirate flag. We also picked up a box of bungee cords that we used to hold the mast and the flag in place.

Lowes #shermanskulina

In Costume

Mr. SP got the boat ready, we got dressed, and soon we were ready to troll the lake as pirates.

Couples Pirate Costume for Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays


Sherman was our pirate dog for the day.

SML Pirate Days - Scenes from Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake, VA #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #shermanskulina


When you are around Sherman, you have to watch him because he’s a kisser.

Sherman Skulina Kisses his Mama during SML Pirate Days #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #shermanskulina

Trolling the Lake as Pirates

Our neighbor took this picture of us on our pirate boat.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Skulina Pirate Family #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #shermanskulina


This one is out of focus but I’ll share it anyway.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Pirate Family #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #shermanskulina


We boated over to where a water battle had just taken place and the area was filled with pirate boats.  One boat launched water balloons at us and after one hit me in the face, I got really mad, so we decided to stay away from the water battles.  The guy who hit me continued to bomb us and he was aiming for Sherman.  We did not like that!

SML Pirate Days Pirates #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays


We boated past a family decked out for pirate days.  I taught two of the three children in this family and now they are all grown up.  It was fun to see them and their costumes were great.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Anderson Pirate Family #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays


We also found our beloved ice cream boat and got Sherman an ice cream sandwich.  The ice cream boat plays music and Sherman gets so excited when he hears it.  If he’s in the house and hears, it he goes crazy to get down to the dock.  If he’s in the yard and hears it, he runs like a maniac to get to the end of the dock.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake-Eating Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Boat #shermanskulina #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays

Pirates by Land

After we finished boating, we went to Food Lion in our pirate costumes.  The manager asked to take a picture of one of the cashiers with us.  Pirates were everywhere that weekend!

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Food Lion Pirates #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #foodlion


We then drove over Hales Ford Bridge to get a glimpse of the afternoon water battle.

Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake - Water Battle at Hales Ford Bridge #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays

Pirate Day T-Shirt

The organizers of Pirate Days had t-shirts made but we didn’t go shopping to buy one.  I asked a person that I saw wearing one if I could take a picture of it.

Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days T-Shirt #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays

The logo on the shirt front was really cute.

SML Pirate Days T-Shirt Design #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays

It was a Fun Time

The pirate costumes are now packed away along with the flag and PVC boat mast.  We are sure to use it all again next year. I probably will buy more flags so that I can fly one from both our house and dock.

When Halloween rolls around, if we are in need of costume for a party, we’re ready!

Best Pirate Costumes for Couples - Get sources to dress like a pirate for a party or for Halloween. #smithmountainlake #sml #piratedays #smlpiratedays #halloween #piratecostume #halloweencostume


  1. Oh how fun! I particularly liked seeing Sherman get into the spirit of things, and how excited he gets when he hears the ice cream boat! Happy rest of the summer!

    1. Thank you, Joyce! Sherman is by our sides for any activity. He loves boating and thought it was great fun to ride around with us that day. He can hear the ice cream boat music long before we do. It’s fun to watch his excitement!

  2. Love your costumes. Sherman looks like he was having a great day. The redneck/groundhog meme is so funny. Our son and family live in the central Virginia countryside close to Charlottesville. They also have a dog who leaves them groundhogs on the sidewalk or patio. He usually gets his picture on FB because he is doing his job of protecting their chickens!

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