Gourd Love

I have a gourd fetish. I can’t get enough of them this time of year.

I’ve told you before that I dry them and save them from year to year. It’s nice to have plenty of dried ones on hand to use.

Like these…


Or these…

I dried the big one in the front back in 1991 and I’ve used it ever since. My sweet daddy grew all of the gourds in this basket.


I made a cat lamp out of this one grown by my dad.





I made this little guy out of another gourd from my dad. The little football player was my grandfather’s and is probably 90 years old!


A big bowl of dried gourds adorns my buffet this time of year.


I have to buy colorful, fresh ones each season. It wouldn’t be right to just decorate with old ones.

First I wash them. Look closely, you might get a glimpse of my groovy 1970’s laundry area.


Then I brush on a thin coat of Future Floor Finish. It gives the gourds a beautiful sheen.


Don’t worry about the little bubbles. They’ll disappear. Future always does this on my gourds.


Look how shiny and pretty they look! Let them dry before you touch them. Future is very sticky.


Looky! Looky!



Pile them in an old bowl and enjoy!


Be sure to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for great ideas and inspiration.


  1. Oh they are beautiful. Gourds are absolutely one of my favorite things to grow. And I’ve sprayed mine before with clear coat but never used floor polish – what a great idea. Do you grow your own? You might want to try if you don’t – ’cause they are super easy. Jus’ give ’em plenty of room and they will take right off. Thanks for sharing! Cathy

  2. Love your gourds and pumpkins!

    I read part about applying future, is this how you dry them and keep them from year to year or do I need to do something else to ensure they dry up?

    Any help you could give me would be fabulous!

    I don’t know if I need to hang them in a dark dry place or what.

    Fall hugs,


  3. Paula, I would never have thought to use Future on gourds! Great hint. You don’t have to poke a hole in them or any such thing do you? They’ll just dry on their own? I remember your gourd posts from last year, but didn’t remember your Dad grew some of yours. That is so neat. I love what you have done with them and what a nice keepsake!


  4. That last pic is awesome…they look great all piled in a bowl. 🙂 I love the cat gourd too! I have several birdhouses in my yard made of large gourds. The birds love them. 🙂

  5. Paula, your gourds are beautiful! I especially love the cat lamp. Its very special that you have gourds from your daddy. I know you really cherish those. Thanks for the tip about Future. I may have to give that a try. I love gourds too but have rarely kept them over time.

  6. Now I know what my next project is, that’s if wifey lets me grow them. Hopefully she doesn’t change her mind about the pumpkin patch she gave the OK on for next year.

  7. Amazing!! I am so glad you shared these. We all should try to grow them.

    Hey, come over and share a dessert with me!

  8. Wow! i love the gourd lamp you made and how meaningful that your Dad grew them and that you did something so creative with them!

    You are truly on my most creative blogger list!
    ( you’re on the tennis list too.)
    These lists are in my head… there’s a lot of room in there! LOL

  9. Oh my! I must know what type of fabric you have peaking into the first picture! I love it.

    Fun post!

  10. alllllright, Missy…you’ve been holding out on us! that cat gourd is just wonderful 🙂 and now I’m going to have to get one of my dusty gourds out of the garage to see if I can seriously injure myself trying to make one :O

  11. Paula, that is amazing that you can use Future on gourds. I would have never thought of that. Thanks!

    And look at how clever you are to make those lamps! Such a fun fall piece!

    Happy Met Monday…


    Sheila 🙂

  12. I love gourds- I have tried to grow them but not much success. If you put the future on them will they dry so you can use them next year?


  13. That last picture looks so pretty. I love the cat lamp. How creative. I have a neighbor that grows gourds up, over and around his garage. It looks so cool. Thanks for sharing your gourds.

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