Help Your Man Organize His Closet

Help Your Man Organize His Closet

Like most men, my husband couldn’t care less if his clothing or his closet is organized.  All he really cares about is that he has clean clothes to wear.  Before I came along, I’m pretty sure that he kept most of his clothing in a laundry basket.  I’m the complete opposite, I like for my closet and clothes to be neat and organized.

Mr. SP is a good sport and sleeps in a bedroom that looks quite girly.  The wallpaper is girly, the curtains are girly, and the antique furniture is girly.  Our bedroom typically stays pretty neat with the exception of gym bags piled on the trunk at the end of the bed.

Our bedroom2

Mr. SP uses the dresser and armoire in the corner of the room.  He built removable shelves for the armoire since it was designed for hanging clothes and we didn’t need it for that purpose.  This area really doesn’t look too bad except for the pile of “stuff” on his dresser.

Area Before Organizing

When the armoire is opened, it is another story!  Each type of clothing has a particular place and Mr. SP is very good about putting each item where it is supposed to go.  What he’s not good at doing is keeping the piles neat and folded.  Stuffing the clothing into the armoire is his style!  During Christmas break I talked him into cleaning out his armoire.  I stayed out of his way and let him do his thing.

Armoire Before

He sorted through his thing and came up with one pile of clothing that he didn’t want anymore and another pile of workshop or yard clothes.  We moved those items to the basement.

Sorting Clothes for Giveaway or Workshop

After Mr. SP cleaned his armoire out, I folded all of the clothes that he didn’t want anymore and sorted them by type.  I’m sure Goodwill really appreciated me doing that…

Clothes Folded and Sorted


The amount of clothing in the armoire was significantly reduced.  What’s left are items that Mr. SP actually uses.  I neatly folded everything for him and have the folded edges facing out the way I like them.  The piles will stay like this but very soon they won’t be quite as neat.

Armoire After


On another Christmas break day, I talked Mr. SP into cleaning out his closet.  Our 1950’s Cape Cod has tiny closets.  The master bedroom has two closets and Mr. SP has the bigger of the two.  About a month ago we weeded through his dress shirts and ties, so the job of cleaning out his closet wasn’t too bad.  Pants that were worn on the cuffs or waist band area were donated and sweatshirts that he hadn’t worn in years also went into the donation bags.

Mr. SP's Closet Before

After sorting through what he would keep and what would be donated, I neatly folded his things and put them back on the shelves.

Top of Closet Before and After


His closet now looks pretty good!

Man Closet After

Mr. SP couldn’t care less that this job is complete but since it makes me happy, he is happy!

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    1. Thanks, Christy! I wish my hubby was neat about things. If he organized his workroom, I would think I’d died and gone to heaven!

  1. Doesn’t it feel great to get things in order! Looks so much better, for me the trick is keeping it that way!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

    1. He is a good sport but I won’t tell you how long I’d been asking him to do this! I think secretly he’s glad that there’s more room in his armoire now.

  2. Wow! What a difference! Your husband is such a good sport…I don’t know if mine would let me at his closet at all. The before and after is pretty great! I almost find the donating part (therefore getting it out of your house) almost more rewarding than the actual organization!

  3. I tried, I really did, to ‘help’ Hubs with his clothes. But he was a total clotheshorse and always had WAY too much for whatever house we happened to be living in. I once turned a spare bedroom into a closet . . . just for him! Still not enough room because he loved to shop and hated throwing anything away. Ha!

    Love your post, Paula, and thanks so much for joining us on the ‘tour’!

  4. I need to do this so bad! But I don’t think my hubby’s clothes would stay organized for more than a few days, unfortunately. They usually end up on a pile on the floor. (Yes we’ve had lots of “discussions” about it.. LOL) Thanks for sharing your tips Paula!

  5. It looks great now. My husband couldn’t care less about what his part of the closet looks like. messiness makes me a little nuts. I clean out his dresser about once a month to put stuff back in it’s right piles. I love your bedroom furniture. We have my great grandmother’s dressers in our room. The bed was too small, so that is in our daughter’s room and we have a king size bed.

  6. It looks great now-it’s probably so much easier for him to find his stuff! My husband could care less what his closet looks like but since we share he is a great sport about trying to keep it tidy. Have a great week! ~ Tami

  7. I am proud of Mr. SP. When we moved recently, purging our clothes was a big exercise. I like an organized closet, but it’s tough. Days off seem to be the best time.. But wouldn’t we rather play tennis? Great post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Cole – Now you know why Mr. SP doesn’t have time to play mixed doubles on the weekends… He’s too busy keeping his closet organized. Thanks so much for commenting. I was so excited when I saw your note.

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