My “New” Mid Century Stereo Cabinet

Mid Century Modern Stereo Console from Montgomery Ward by

How many of you remember these?  A few weeks ago when I was helping my mom, this beauty came home with me.  My dad bought this mid century stereo console before he and my mom were married in 1968 from Montgomery Ward.  I would guess it was purchased sometimes between 1962 and 1966 because my mom remembers it in his bachelor apartment when she met him.   For years it was upstairs in our living room and later my mom moved it to the basement family room.  I remember playing both my dad’s albums on it and my 45’s.  Eventually my mom stored this piece in her laundry room where it remained until the end of 2013.

Mid Century Modern Console Stereo

I moved my trash-to-treasure dresser to another room and replaced it with daddy’s console stereo.  I wish he were around to know that his bachelor piece is now being enjoyed again.

Believe it or not, both the radio and turn table still work. I’ve been listening to the radio but haven’t been in our attic to retrieve some of Mr. SP’s old albums to enjoy.

Inside of Mid Century Modern Stereo Console


Airline Stereo Console Mid Century Stereo Console


I spent hours cleaning this piece.  The wood is in great condition but had small paint spatters on the top that I was able to remove with some fine steel wool.  I even took the back off and cleaned the inside.

Mid Century Modern Stereo Console from Montgomery Ward


The user’s manual was inside of the console.  How lucky am I that my parents saved it?

Back of Brochure for Montgomery Ward Console Stereo Cabinet


My dad never bothered to take this tag off the turn table either.

Tag on Turntable


Do you remember using these?  If you are in your 20’s or 30’s you may not even know their purpose!  These were in the console where albums used to be stored.

45 Rings


I like my new piece and am so glad that my mom let me have it.  If I ever get tired of using it for listening to the radio or for listening to albums, it would make a perfect tv stand.


Mid century furniture seems to be the rage right now and  I’m thrilled to add a bit of it to my home, especially since this is a family piece.

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  1. What a great piece and great memories to go with it! It looks great in your home. You made it look brand new. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Casey. I was really lucky that this piece was in pretty good condition when I got it. My mom had it stored in a spot that protected it which was a real plus.

  2. I am super jealous! We had one of these when I was a kid and I spent HOURS going through my mom’s old records (she worked in a record store in the 60’s so she had thousands!) and picking out stuff to listen to all day. I SO wish my dad still had it, I actually asked him about it at Christmas and he’s not sure when he got rid of it but it’s no longer around. I’m always looking on Craigslist for one that works that I could actually fit into my house somewhere. Enjoy!!

    1. Jamie Lynn – Your mom’s record collection must have been so much fun to browse. Some of those old album covers would make great wall art. Good luck looking on Craigslist, one day you’ll find what you are looking for.

      1. for sure – tons of original Beatles which were/are still my favorite and got lots of play time. I do actually have a few of the sleeves framed on a shelf and I have my own record collection now – a lot of hers and a lot I have bought in the last 15 or so years. I do still have a small record player and I use it often. Nothing like the cracks and pops of vinyl to me! I grew up on the music my parents listened to when they were young – hence my affinity for all things at least 10 years older than me! 🙂 I always have wished I could have lived in the 50’s and 60’s, I would have been in my element!

  3. I love this! I remember having one of these when I was growing up. I still have my albums and 45s from back in the day and my husband bought me a record player a few years ago. My kids sure get a kick out of it. They do laugh a little an my music. I don’t understand why. It’s good stuff.

  4. I remember those red things. Our stereo cabinet (probably from Sears) had a built in thingee that twisted upward and locked into place when you wanted to play those 45’s. When we cleaned out our parents’ house, that stereo went on to its lesser reward at Goodwill. I hope someone bought it and did something great with it.

  5. Hello! I have been scouring the Internet for hours now because I just picked up the exact same console today from a garage sale! Would you be willing to photograph and email images of the user manual to me? Unluckily, mine did not come with one!

  6. We are both fortunate people. I too have the stereo console but not the brochure. Could you do me a wonderful favor by sending a PDF copy of the instruction brochure. It would not be the same as having the original, but at least I would have the manual brochure.

    Thank you so much! 🙂


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