How to Add a USB Port to a Wall Outlet

How to Add a USB Port to an Outet

Not so long ago I saw an outlet with USB ports on Pinterest.  I showed the pin to Mr. SP and asked if he could install one in our kitchen.  Only two supplies were needed to complete this project: a USB wall outlet and a new faceplate.


15-Amp White Decorator Single Electrical Outlet19.87

How to:

1.  Turn off the breaker to the outlet.  Make sure that the electricity is off by plugging something into this outlet.

2.  Remove faceplate using a screwdriver.

3.  Unscrew the outlet.  Pull the outlet out of the wall with the wires still attached.

4.  Disconnect each wire from the old outlet and connect to the same location in the new outlet.  Be sure to do one wire at a time.  This will insure that your wiring will be the same.

5.  Carefully push outlet and wires back into the wall box and screw into place.

6.  Attach faceplate.

7.  Turn the breaker on.


If you need pictures to guide you, Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial.  If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, an electrician could do this for you easily.

USB Plug Close


This was a simple update and one that we’ve found very useful.

USB Plug


Can you guess which phone is mine and which belongs to Mr. SP??

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