How to Easily Remove Rust From Tools

Have you ever accidentally left a tool out in the elements to rust?  I knew I had a pair of red handled clippers but had not seen them for a long while.  A few weeks ago, while digging out compost to apply to my vegetable garden, my clippers appeared in the compost. Hurray for finding […]

Dog Food Storage–Vintage Style

Adopting Sherman, our 5 month++ pound puppy, has meant the addition of doggy supplies to our pantry.  I have treats and other necessities organized in baskets but it bugged me that bags of food were on the floor and didn’t look attractive.  I like to organize my pantry with vintage containers and a wooden barrel […]

Helpful Hint :: A Handy Light for a Key

Most days, I leave home in the dark and by the time I’m home in the evening, it is dark again.  There’s no switch to turn our porch light off once the door is locked, which means most mornings I can be found fumbling in the dark to locate the correct key and then to […]

How to Add a USB Port to a Wall Outlet

Not so long ago I saw an outlet with USB ports on Pinterest.  I showed the pin to Mr. SP and asked if he could install one in our kitchen.  Only two supplies were needed to complete this project: a USB wall outlet and a new faceplate.   How to: 1.  Turn off the breaker […]

Refreshing Shoes :: Make Your Shoes Look Almost New

This past weekend I switched my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter.  We live in an older house with very small closets which forces me to keep out of season clothes and shoes in an upstairs closet. When I switched my shoes, I noticed that my favorite summer Danskos were looking a bit dull and scratched.  […]

How to Refresh Grout

Several years ago Mr. SP replaced the flooring in our bathroom with tile.  We’ve been very happy with the tile but don’t like that the white grout that we used won’t stay white. Over the winter Mr. SP noticed a product at Lowe’s called “Grout Refresh” and wondered if it might work on our not-so-white […]

Garlic Harvest

Did you know that it is incredibly easy to grow your own garlic?  In my area planting time is fall and harvest time is early summer.  When the garlic foliage starts to turn brown, it’s your clue that it is time to dig. Usually I harvest garlic in June but this year I didn’t get […]

Helping Plants Beat the Heat

It’s been hot.  Really hot.  It’s the time of year where pots, even large ones, need to be watered twice a day.  I have two coco-lined planters that I just can’t keep from drying out when the temperatures are in the 90’s day after day.  A few years ago my friend, Miss Char from Grace […]

No Waste Gardening

In my yard, I try to let no organic matter go to waste.  What am I talking about do you ask?  Read on! 1.  Save Your Leaves  In the fall I save every single leaf that I rake.  I load them onto tarps and drag them to their hiding spot behind my shed.  Do you […]

Sweaty Bands

Are you one of those people who would love to wear an elastic band around your head to keep your hair back but it won’t stay in place no matter which brand you try?  That’s me.  I have bought countless elastic bands and every last one slipped off my head after exercising for only a […]