Pretty Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

Long ago, when I first set up housekeeping, Virginia Metalcrafters was still in operation in Waynesboro, VA.  My mom and I would go by the store to browse their beautiful products and frequently she would give switch plates and outlet covers in a pattern I loved to me as gifts.

Sadly, Virginia Metalcrafters is no longer in business.  Before they went out of business, many of my rooms were adorned with pretty brass outlet covers and switch plates, thanks to my mom.  We built our addition after VM closed and I’ve always disliked the white plastic covers that our builder used.

This summer my cousin’s new wife offered the opportunity to buy VM switch plates and outlet covers left behind by the first wife.  (She’s redecorating to suit her tastes in my cousin’s home.)  I was so excited to have an opportunity to get more switch plates and outlet covers in my pattern.  Our family room now is blinged out in brass. 
Virginia Metalcrafters Switchplate Before and After

Much better is what I think.  I know a lot of you abhor brass but I like it.
Virginia Metalcrafters Switchplate Before and After2

Virginia Metalcrafters Switchplate Before and After3

I’ve always loved the switch plate pattern that I chose long ago.
Virginia Metalcrafters Switchplate Cover

I like the outlet pattern, too.
Virginia Metalcrafters Outlet cover

It’s so sad that these are no longer available.  They were never inexpensive, but now they are outrageous if you search for them for sale on-line.  My cousin’s new wife gave me an incredible price for the quantity that I bought and for that I will eternally be grateful.  Plus, when I see them in my family room, I’ll think of her!

Do you like fancy outlet and switch plates or are plain Jane ones fine with you?  I like fancy ones for my more formal spaces but have plastic ones in areas that need frequent cleaning like the kitchen and bathroom.


  1. I have one fancy pewter light switch plate in the living room. In the foyer and dining room, the plates are covered with wallpaper. But you are making me rethink plate covers. Now I want pretty outlet covers in the living room.

  2. Love the switch plates, but I see something else of interest. Are those pieces of sheet music you have framed? I had a piece framed for my son. The art work was incredible, and your photo reminds me of that!

  3. I still have a great love for brass, too! And I really like your switch plates …so pretty! The add so much to the space! 🙂

  4. When my contractor recently redid all the electrical he put up the plain jane white ones. I’ve gone shopping for new ones to suit me but you are right…the prices are outrageous!!! I’ve seen on pinterest where you can cover them in fabric or paint them…I may have to just do that to the white ones. But I love the brass ones you have, so happy you were able to get more of them.

  5. first of all, i love your use of “abhor,” since i’m a word nerd. and second, i’m glad you got something that you like so much!

  6. we are in a house with brass
    fixtures in the bathrooms!
    Lots say aren’t you going to do something about THOSE?
    I like them, so will enjoy.
    (Also renting so it is a good thing!) Burnished brass would be my first choice if I could update them myself.

  7. My sisters and I have the Virginia metalcrafters switch plates in every room. I’m moving to a new home and taking the switch plates with me; however, the new home as plates for 3 switches which I didn’t have in the old place. I have found one for the living room but would love to have two more.

    1. I hope you find some, Anne. I wish I’d bought bunches when I used to be able to go to the outlet and get them for next to nothing.

  8. Dear Paula,
    I, too, am a huge fan of Virginia Metalcrafters, enjoying their products all my life. I lived with my grandmother as a young fellow and she had a houseful, including switchplate and receptacle covers. When she died, my mother gave all the covers to me, plus trivets and dishes. What a treasure! My wife and I are remodeling our new home, and I need to find 13 receptacle covers (I have 33 and need 46), traditional 2 plug-in, as the one in your photograph above.
    Can you point me to a source? I’m sick that VM closed and wish I could find a brasssmith who is continuing to make their products.
    Any advice and help is appreciated.
    Curtis Jeffries
    Little Rock, Arkansas

  9. We just moved and have a pile of switch plates to sell. I love them but they just don’t go with my decor anymore.

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