Amazing Ideas for Fall Outdoor Decor

Today I’m sharing some amazing ideas for outdoor fall decorations.

Amazing Ideas for Fall Outdoor Decor

Farmer’s markets, gardening centers, hardware stores, and grocery stores are loaded with pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, and more. Take advantage of the fall goodness readily available and make your outdoor space look amazing for fall.

I’m sharing my DIY outdoor fall decorating ideas for this month’s Thrifty Style Team project hosted by Julie of Redhead Can Decorate.

You’ll find links to all of the projects shared this month at the end of this post.

Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

All of the ideas that I’m sharing today are from the Vermont town of Woodstock, our favorite Vermont vacation location.

Line a Wall with Pumpkins

Every fall, The Woodstock Inn lines the walls in front of the inn with large pumpkins.

Large orange, white, and green pumpkins on a wall at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont

Last year the pumpkin colors were shades of orange. This year in addition to shades of orange, they used white and green pumpkins.

Most homes in the town of Woodstock are beautifully decorated outside for fall. This home lined their wall with small orange pumpkins.

Pumpkins on a brick wall with Hydrangea in the Background

Stack a Trio of Pumpkins

Pumpkins look wonderful stacked in a trio. This trio is especially pleasing using pumpkin of varying colors and patterns.

Trio of stacked pumpkins with more pumpkins in the background

These pumpkin trios are on two columns lining the walkway leading to the entrance of The Woodstock Inn.

The Woodstock Inn has huge gardens that grow not only food to serve in the inn, but also gourds and pumpkins used to decorate both inside and outside of the property. Read more about their amazing gardens here.

Trio of stacked pumpkins with more pumpkins in the background

This wall in front of the inn features another pumpkin trio along with a line of orange pumpkins on the wall.

Trio of stacked pumpkins and a row of orange pumpkins

A flower bed is decorated with a trio of green pumpkins.

Trio of stacked green pumpkins

Use Pumpkins to Line the Edge of a Flower Bed

Pumpkins along this edge of this landscape bed along with colorful mums makes a wonderful fall display.

Pumpkins edging a flower bed for fall decor

Large white pumpkins line the edge of this perennial bed.

White pumpkins along a fence line

The Ardmore Bed and Breakfast decorated a perennial bed with a row of pumpkins.

Pumpkins in a flower bed

The Kedron Valley Inn lined the edges of the perennial beds leading to the inn with pumpkins.

Pumpkins lining a perennial bed at the Kedron Valley Inn in Vermont

Use Groups of Pumpkins for Outdoor Fall Decorations

The inn replaced flowering annual plants with a group of pumpkins along with mums under a Hydrangea.

Hydrangea with pumpkins and mums under it for fall decor
Stacked and single green pumpkins under a flowering Hydrangea in Woodstock, VT

Gourds are used in this landscape bed.

Multiple gourds under a flowering Hydrangea

Add a Pumpkin to a Flower Pot

No need to reinvent the wheel for a fall flower pot, simply keep the usual perennials growing in the pot and add a pumpkin for fall decor.

Porch decorated with orange pumpkins

This Woodstock home must not frequently use the front door. Note the five pumpkins on the front steps.

Flower pots decorated with a pumpkin

A Woodstock business added a pumpkin and some Bittersweet to the planter below their sign for fall decor.

A pumpkin and bittersweet in a hanging basket under a store sign

Window Box Ideas

Fill a window box with mums, ornamental cabbage, a pumpkin, and gourds for fall.

Flower box with mums, gourds, and ornamental cabbage

Add twinkle lights to a window box for extra charm.

Twinkle lights intertwined with pumpkins, gourds, and kale in a flower box

Use Cornstalks

Every year I intend to use cornstalks on the columns on our front porch but I have yet to do so.

Cornstalks tied to a column with pumpkins and flowers

Keep it Simple

This Woodstock home kept the outdoor decor simple by adding pumpkins to their front porch and to their window boxes.

Porch decorated with orange pumpkins

Decorate a Bike for Fall

A Woodstock chiropractor decorated their porch for fall with a vintage bicycle. Note that their Magnolia wreath left over from last Christmas is the perfect brown color for fall.

Vintage Bicycle with a bike basket filled with orange pumpkins

Filling the bike basket with pumpkins is such a unique fall decorating idea!

If you enjoyed these fall decorating ideas from Woodstock, Vermont, don’t miss the outdoor ideas that I shared in 2019 and also read all about our amazing 2019 Vermont vacation.

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  1. It’s interesting how many people and businesses there simply ‘line-up’ their pumpkins. Wonder if there is a significance to that, or if it’s just the way they do things there? Glad you are having a wonderful time! Did you take your camera equipment, or are you just using your phone?

  2. So many pretty pictures and such wonderful autumn inspiration! I really liked everything but that sign with the planter beneath it with the bittersweet and a pumpkin may have been my favorite. Now, I’m trying to figure out a way I could do something like this at my house. Thanks for sharing the beauty, Paula.

  3. Thank you for taking us on this beautiful fall tour, Paula! It’s on my bucket list to one day travel to Quebec and then over to the northeastern states during Fall. Then end the trip in November in New York City to see the holiday displays. I do hope one day I get to see this dream realized.

  4. Oh my goodness, Paula! I feel like I’m there! There are so many great decorating ideas in here. I especially love the way they line some of the beds with pumpkins, and I definitely want to try adding a pumpkin to some of my urns. Vermont is a spectacular place to spend fall. When I lived in New England, I took advantage of making fall foliage trips throughout the area. This post really took me back in time.

  5. Thanks for the eye candy fall tour! I really enjoyed it as I’m stuck inside right now after surgery on my foot (and in a cast for 2 months). It was nice to go outside with you.

  6. Beautiful photos! I really like the green pumpkins. They definitely add a different pop of color for the season. The homes there are beautiful so I can see why you enjoy the area so much. Thanks for sharing some great inspiration.

  7. I love all these natural decorations. Thank you for sharing them! I’m visiting from the Embracing Home and Family link up. Have a great weekend Maryjo!

  8. I have never been to Vermont but here it is beautiful! I hope to make it there someday. I love that they line their fronts with pumpkins. Thanks for showing us the beautiful decor and giving us that Fall

  9. I just told my husband that we need to go to Woodstock next fall! Thanks my friend…ever consider a travel blog?

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