Fall Vacation – Part One

We recently went on a wonderful fall vacation and I want to preserve my memories here on the blog.

Over the years I have shared many travel posts and Mr. SP and I both enjoy looking back at these posts and reminiscing about the good times that we have had together.

Fall Vacation in Gettysburg, Lake George, and Vermont

Our travel destination was Woodstock, Vermont but we took our time getting there and made several stops along the way.

Springfield Farm in Williamsport, Maryland

We travel with our beloved dog, Sherman, which makes frequent stops for walks a necessity.

Years ago when we were avid cyclists, we did a charity bike ride that started in Williamsport, Maryland. When we saw an exit for Williamsport while driving Route 81 north, we decided to see the downtown and also look for a park to walk Sherman.

We drove through the charming downtown and then found the wonderful Byron Memorial Park. Within the park is Springfield Farm, a lovely spot to enjoy.

This barn at Springfield Farm is circa 1755 and is one of the largest barns in the state of Maryland.

Springfield Farm in Williamsport, MD

Head over to this blog post to see another barn that is also one of the largest in Maryland. It’s on the family farm where my grandfather grew up. My cousin who now lives on the farm used this gorgeous old barn for his wedding reception in 2018.

Sherman, Mr. SP, and I really enjoyed walking around this park and in the future I would love to tour the barn.

Woman, man, dog Williamsport, MD

While we were visiting, a high school senior was having her senior pictures taken. You could tell by the set up of the area that it also is used as a wedding venue. I love that this barn was preserved and is still being enjoyed today.

Man and dog at Springfield Farm in Williamsport, MD

After enjoying this park, we headed to our destination, Chambersburg, PA.

If you are wondering why we picked Chambersburg, it’s because there is a LaQuinta Inn there, a hotel that accepts large dogs.

We stayed at this LaQuinta Inn in 2018 for the family wedding that I mentioned earlier and we especially like it because it is new and feels just as nice as a Hampton Inn or any other hotel in that price range.

Visiting Gettysburg National Military Park

The next morning we spent a few hours in Gettysburg National Military Park. We not only enjoy the history, we also enjoy the scenery and it’s a great place to walk Sherman.

Woman and dog enjoying a fall day at Gettysburg National Military Park

Since 2018, our last battlefield visit, Mr. SP has wanted to put a bone on the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument.

The monument not only honors the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, but also their mascot, Sallie Ann Jarrett.

Sallie bravely fought with her soldiers until she was killed in action in February 1865. I can only imagine the tears those soldiers shed when this dog died.

Gettysburg National Military Park - Sally Ann Jarrett Memorial

Mr. SP and Sherman posed for a picture after leaving a Milk Bone for Sallie.

Gettysburg National Military Park - Sally Ann Jarrett Memorial

Visiting the Family Farm in Middletown, Maryland

The next fun adventure, one that I was SO excited about, was to visit our newest family member, Miss Paige Elizabeth Ahalt.

Paige and I share the same initials, PEA. My grandfather also had the PEA initials. In my recent bedroom post, I talked about using his monogrammed towels that were saved from his 1930’s wedding and never used.

Here is sweet Paige along with her beautiful mom, Beth.

Family picture with a mom, cousin, and baby

Beth and I share a love of vintage and I so much enjoyed seeing how Beth and Matt have been lovingly restoring the old farmhouse and decorating it with family treasures.

The picture behind Beth and Paige is an aerial shot of the farm long ago.

Mom and baby

After a wonderful family visit, it was back to LaQuinta for the night and then on to New York.

Lake George, New York

Our next stop was Lake George, New York. We arrived as the sun was going down.

Evening view of Lake George

The mountains were starting to change colors and were so pretty. One day we would love to spend a week here so that we could explore the lake by boat.

Woman and dog enjoying Lake George, NY on a fall evening.

The area that we visited is very touristy but still fun and the views of the lake are incredible.

A couple enjoying Lake George, NY on a fall evening

A few years ago when we visited Lake George, we were able to take a steamboat ride which was a lot of fun. I loved admiring the beautiful homes along the shore of the lake.

Lake George Sunset

We walked around until it was dark.

Lake George at Night

The next morning we took Sherman on a hike up Pilot Mountain. The view of the lake was so pretty and it made me even more want to spend more time in this area.

View of Lake George from Pilot Mountain

Manchester, Vermont

After our hike, it was on to Vermont! We stopped in Manchester to shop and to walk Sherman. The town was decked out in fall displays like this one. If you like fall outdoor displays, check out these ideas from Woodstock, Vermont.

Gourds and pumpkins on a hay bale

Manchester has a huge Orvis and it is dog friendly. This beautiful fireplace is on the second floor.

Fireplace at Orvis in Manchester, VT

Every time we stop at Orvis, Sherman takes a swim in their pond.

Dog swimming on a leash in a pond

After enjoying Manchester, it was on to Woodstock, Vermont for the week.

I’ll share our wonderful fall vacation there in another post.

More Vermont Trips

We first traveled to Vermont on our honeymoon in 1994 and we’ve been traveling there ever since. These are the blog posts that I’ve shared from some of our trips there.

Because of my health, it was touch and go for a bit that this trip would even happen. I am so grateful that I got to enjoy a long vacation with my favorite two men, Mr. SP and Sherman. There was some stress hanging over our heads, but we did our best to shove it to the side and fully enjoy this trip.


  1. Hi Paula
    I really enjoyed seeing all your photos on your trip.
    Sherman is so precious, He reminds me of my beloved Toby that is up at Rainbow Bridge.
    I miss him with all my being so seeing your Sherman and the close bond you and your Hubby have with him just brought back all my memories of my sweet Toby.
    I am so happy to see you feeling better and I pray for you to continue to rid of this ailment.
    We all need to be like you and enjoy what we have in our lives no matter what stands in our way.
    God Bless you, your Hubby and precious Sherman xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda! Our fur babies have a special place in our hearts. I can’t stand to even think about life without our Sherman. I hope you have lots and lots of pictures of your precious Toby.


    1. I remember that you attended a June wedding in Vermont. I’ve never been there in June and imagine that it is like May here in Virginia which is one of my favorite times of year.


  2. Ahhh, so very relaxing!!! Those areas are just so pretty especially the views you had when you arrived at sundown!!! Gorgeous! So very sweet of your family to leave a bone at Sallie Ann’s monument…thank you for sharing these photos with all of us. Continuing prayers for your health…

    1. Thank you, Karolyn! We had so much fun and it was great to get out of town and really relax. I appreciate those prayers!


  3. Sounds like a lovely time. I think Sherman has to be the luckiest dog on earth with all of his adventures. I’m jealous! Enjoyed seeing some of the other posts you included. Love that giant farm in your family and seeing that covered bridge at Christmas in Vermont was like a postcard. Thanks for sharing.

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