I Must See This Movie

I finished reading Twilite, by Stephanie Myer, last night. I really didn’t think that I’d like a book about a vampire but boy was I wrong. I think I have a crush on Edward. Reading about his good smell and his muscular body made me want to see a vampire in person! When the movie comes out, I’m seeing for sure. The girl that plays Bella looks very similar to how I pictured her when I read the book. The actor that plays Edward is not quite as handsome as I pictured, but I might change my mind when I see him on the big screen.

Click here to go to the official Twilight movie site. You can watch the trailer for the movie there! Watch it – it’s great!!

Here are some random pictures that I found that promote the movie.


  1. Your new blog colors look great. Autumn has arrived at Sweet Pea’s house!

    When I was little, I was terrified of vampires, I suppose from watching to many Dark Shadows TV shows. I still get the “willies” from vampires, but you’re right, there is something eerily seductive about them.

  2. Ellen DeGeneres interviewed this author on her show yesterday. I’d never heard of her. It is amazing how many books she has written in such a short time.

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