Horses consumed my life from 4th grade until I went to college. I lived and breathed horses. The smell of a stable still is one of the best things in the world to me. My horse died while I was in college and that, along with having a waitressing job instead of a stable job, ended my riding career. I still have my tack and my clothes “just in case”. I sold my boots a few summers ago because my calf muscles outgrew them.

We went to the Bedford “Point to Point” yesterday to tailgate. My friend’s mom is a Whipper-In with the Bedford Hunt and helped with the races yesterday. She rode a big 17 hand bay named Darwin. My friend usually rides her mom’s horse back to the trailer when the races are over. She broke her wrist this past month and has it in a cast and was afraid it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to ride him in this year. Her mom asked me if I wanted to. YES!! It felt so good to be in the saddle again! Once my friend’s cast is off, we’re going to go riding!! Yippee!! I told Mr. SP yesterday that he’d better watch out, I’m going to want a horse now.

One of our friends who tailgated with us yesterday told me that I look like a horse person. I’m going to take that as a compliment.


  1. Like you, I spent my youth with horses. Continued that by editing the horse sports section of a Northern Virginia newspaper for a while, and writing articles for The Chronicle of the Horse. Also had a part-time business doing steeplechase photography. Also photographed some of the local hunt groups. It was all MANY years ago.

    A horse would just look at me and groan now. I always believed that one is either totally into horse sports, or totally out, so I haven’t even been to a steeplechase or point-to-point since I stopped photographing them. Nice to see your photo from the Bedford meet. We may someday move to that area and it’s good to know there are some horsey events there.

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