Julie’s 40th Birthday Celebration

I had some requests for tips on how to force branches to bloom.  I’ll work on a post for that this coming weekend.  Going to school five days with no days off for snow or late start days doesn’t leave a lot of blogging time during the week for me.  🙂

We went to The Melting Pot in Charlottesville Saturday night to celebrate Julie’s 40th birthday.  This was the first time that either Mr. SP or I had dined at a fondue restaurant and we quite enjoyed it.  Celebrating a birthday is always fun!

Julie's 40th Birthday

We started with cheese fondue, one with beer and the other with Wisconsin cheddar.  Both were super yummy.  This was my favorite course.


then it was on to the meat.  We had lobster, shrimp, sausage, ravioli, two kinds of steak, and chicken.  The cooking liquid had flavoring, but it was not very noticeable.


Noelle is a vegetarian.  She cooked her veggies first before we contaminated the pot with meat.


Dessert time!  One pot contained chocolate mixed with caramel and pecan and the other chocolate mixed with peanut butter.  Mmmm…


Happy Birthday to Julie!

Julie's Birthday!

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  1. My daughter-in-law LOVES cheese fondue. I make her some every time they visit and she sets herself down in front of the pot for the duration! LOL Looks like fun-wish I could convince hubby to try it
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Oooh! I love fondue! The cheese is my favorite part too. So super yum. Our fondue place closed down, so sad. I guess I could learn how to do it at home, but I’m not sure that would really be a good idea…

  3. Isn’t that place great! You were 10 minutes from my house!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Do you ever go to Fridays After Five. If not you should..it is a really good time!

  4. It looks like you had a great time! The nearest Melting Pot for me is three hours away and I have heard so many good things about it. I can’t wait till I can go.

  5. I love the Melting Pot (pricey as it is). Sadly, I only get to go on very rare girls’ trips, even though we have one in town. T’s aversion to cheese (and expensive dinners) keeps us away. 🙁 Looks like you all had a blast!!!

  6. The fondue looks yummy! I’m so glad you mentioned giving tips on forcing branches. I would love more info. I have a brown thumb, but at least if I kill a branch it doesn’t cost anything!

  7. Never heard of a fondue rest but sounds like it is pretty neat to visit. Living in a small town just doesn’t have many places to eat.

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