June Blooms

It’s nice to finally have a wet spring. My flower beds are lush and full of blooms. June is probably the peak for flowers in my beds. It’s cloudy and looks like rain again today, but I took pictures anyway to capture some of the prettiness before it is gone.

I have a terrible deer problem and most of what I grow is as deer proof as possible. I’ve sprayed these Asiatic Lillies with Liquid Fence all spring and now I’m rewarded with blooms. Liquid Fence really works if you keep it applied as directed on the label.

I have to spray the Sedum, too.

The Hollyhocks you see are ancient volunteers. I let them reseed and enjoy their blooms year after year. I have to keep these sprayed with Liquid Fence, too.

I have two Hydrangeas and they both have to live in a “cage” to protect them from the deer. I’ve had deer netting over them for so long that I really don’t even notice it anymore. It’s better than not having blooms!
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my flowers. I’m off to mow the grass before it rains again. It looks like we are in for some heavy storms this afternoon.


  1. Wow, Paula! You don’t have a garden, you have a MEADOW!! Stunning! I’m so sorry about the deer problem. It seems like you have the problem under control~everything looks like it is thriving. Does Liquid Fence work for rabbits?? Where do you buy it??

    It looks like you have a screened in porch…I would love to see what you have inside (‘ol nosy me!!).

    We are having rain and cold temps. Actually, our area of Chicago has flash flood warnings. That has NEVER happened. Strange.

    Have a great day, Paula! 🙂


  2. I LOVED seeing your flowers! What a beautiful garden! I love hollyhocks and I have a few that seem to make it through out hot humid summers without too much problem. But I wish I had more! I love the old fashioned flowers.


  3. Your flowers are just beautiful! Fortunately the deer have left our garden alone….so far. My in-laws have a terrible deer problem. I will have to tell them about the liquid fence! Thanks!

  4. Paula, your yard is so pretty with all it’s blooms!! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I am so thankful we don’t have the deer problem. I hear so many people talk about how destructive they are. I’m not sure I would be as diligent with spraying as you obviously are.

    Someone above asked if it works for rabbits. I don’t know the answer to that. But, I do know that blood meal works for rabbits. Just sprinkle it around whatevever area your trying to protect. They won’t go near it. In fact, in my own yard it’s almost like they remember it and just give up. I only have to do it once or twice and I don’t seem to have any more problems.

  5. Your garden is gorgeous!

    Your new Lilly Pulitzer needlepoint belt will be gorgeous too – you WON!

    Please leave a comment with your email (I won’t publish) so I can get it mailed to you.

  6. Wow! Your garden is beautiful! I’m thankful for the rains too. Its made a big difference in our flower garden and our veggie garden.

  7. Paula~
    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE all of the pictures…what would make it better was if I were there…enjoying it! 🙂

  8. Seriously beautiful flowers. So lovely. Love your hollyhocks and the way the rose campion and the yarrow look together. Just wonderful.

  9. I love love love your flowers, and your photographs are to die for!! Great job! Seriously, love it.

  10. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    We have a horrible deer problem too. Those bugger will eat anything. They’re eating my evergreen arbs, for pete’s sake.

    I really need to get some liquid fence. Thanks for the reminder.


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