Stitch Fix Review – June 2019 – Fix #70

May rolled on by and now it’s June and time for another Stitch Fix review.  This month’s box contained styles perfect to enjoy in summer.

Stitch Fix review for June 2019

I am a Stitch Fix affiliate and if you make a purchase, I make a small commission.   My love for Stitch Fix is genuine and all opinions are truthful and my own.

June 2019 Stitch Fix Review

If you are new to Stitch Fix, these details will help you to understand the service.  Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about Stitch Fix.  I can also send you a link to use that will give you $25 off your first box.

Stitch Fix Details

  • Stitch Fix is a personal styling service.  When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you fill out a detailed style profile that helps your stylist know your likes and dislikes.  Since I’ve received 70 Stitch Fix shipments, my stylist knows my likes and dislikes very well and I almost always like every item in my Fix, a good problem to have!
  • When a Fix arrives, you have three days to try the clothes on and to decide what to keep and what to send back.  Stitch Fix includes a postage paid envelope making returns super easy.
  • When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you can choose how often a box is delivered.  You can pick a monthly options or schedule a box when you’d like to receive one.I do not like shopping and love receiving clothing from Stitch Fix.  I get clothes that I like without having to do any work other than pinning things that I like to my fashion board on Pinterest.  My stylist, Brittany H., checks my Pinterest board for inspiration and also reads my note to her each month to see if I have any special requests.
  • You can find links to all of my Fixes here and also be sure to check out my Stitch Fix Review Board on Pinterest where I pin my favorite looks.

This Month’s Stitch Fix Items

I was really excited when I received an email that this month’s Fix had shipped.  Using the Stitch Fix app, you can see what is coming in your box and when I saw the preview pictures for this Fix, I couldn’t wait for the box to arrive so that I could try each item on.

Wisp Slate Knit Dress

I love Stitch Fix dresses and when my stylist selects one for me I’m always eager to try it.  I was intrigued by the asymmetrical hemline and pretty pattern of this dress.

Stitch Fix Wisp Slate Knit Dress

I paired this Wisp Slate Knit Dress with shoes from Walmart that are a knockoff of a popular Sam Edelman style.  You can’t beat Walmart’s $19.99 price with free shipping to the store! 

Stitch Fix Wisp Slate Knit Dress

My husband really liked this dress but I wasn’t sold on the asymmetrical hemline.  I did love the cut of this dress and also the fabric, a lightweight knit that could pack easily in a suitcase and not wrinkle.

Stitch Fix Wisp Slate Knit Dress

I decided to save my money for a Stitch Fix dress in a future box that I loved 100%, so this one was returned.

Stitch Fix Wisp Slate Knit Dress

Kaileigh Valette Cold Shoulder Blouse

I paired this adorable Kaileigh Valette Cold Shoulder Blouse with Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Shorts from my June 2018 Fix.  I loved the lemon pattern of this top and also the cold shoulder cut.

Stitch Fix Kaileigh Valeete Cold Shoulder Blouse

My Kate Spade bumblebee necklace and all of the other jewelry that I’m wearing in this post is from Rocksbox.  Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that sends three pieces of jewelry that you can wear for as long as you like each month.  When you send your three pieces back, or buy what you like, a new box is sent.  If you’d like a free month of Rocksbox, sign up with this code: PAULABFF54.  I rejoined Rocksbox a year ago in January and I love their service.  I’ve received the cutest jewelry and have purchased quite a few items.

Stitch Fix Kaileigh Valette Cold Shoulder Blouse

Although I liked this top, I decided not to keep it.  Although now that I’ve sent it back, I’m kind of regretting my decision!

Stitch Fix Stitch Fix Kaileigh Valette Cold Shoulder Blouse

Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top

This Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top is butter soft and has a cute cold shoulder detail with a twist in the hemline of the sleeve.

Stitch Fix Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top and Just Black Kolby Fray Hem Denim Short

Did you notice my flip-flops?  The gals in our local running shop wear them and recommended them to me.  They are OOFOS OOlala in Latte.  The soles are super cushioned and so very comfortable.  I’ve even walked a few miles in these in comfort!

Stitch Fix Review Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top and Just Black Kolby Fray Hem Denim Short

I loved how soft this top was and I actually don’t have a lot of short sleeved shirts that aren’t t-shirts, so this was a keeper.

Stitch Fix Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top

Just Black Kolby Fray Hem Denim Short

I paired the Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top with Just Black Kolby Fray Hem Denim Shorts.  These shorts were super comfortable and I loved the fray of the hemline.


Stitch Fix Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top and Just Black Kolby Fray Hem Denim Short

I really liked these shorts but decided not to invest $58 in them.

Stitch Fix Just Black Kolby Fray Hem Denim Short

Mali + Lili Harrison Striped Fabric Clutch

The last thing in my June box was the Mali + Lili Harrison Striped Fabric Clutch.  This fun striped clutch screamed summer to me.

Stitch Fix Mali + Lili Harrison Striped Fabric Clutch

I paired the clutch with a Stitch Fix top from a few years back and an Old Navy white skirt.

Stitch Fix Mali + Lili Harrison Striped Fabric Clutch

I really liked this clutch but knew that I wouldn’t have many opportunities to carry it, so it was returned.

Stitch Fix Mali + Lili Harrison Striped Fabric Clutch

Every month I enjoy receiving my Stitch Fix box.  Even after receiving 70 boxes, it’s still exciting when I see Roslynn, my awesome mail lady, carrying a box towards my house.  I have three vacations scheduled this month and I’m sure to enjoy wearing the top that I kept from this Fix on one or more of the trips.

Try Stitch Fix

If you’ve been thinking about trying Stitch Fix but haven’t, I encourage you to give it a try.  Don’t forget that Stitch Fix also offers services for both men and children and they offer maternity and also plus-sizes.

I love receiving my box each month and have so much fun trying on all of the styles sent to me.

Give a Stitch Fix Gift Card

Stitch Fix gift card is a gift that any man or woman would like to receive.  I know I’m thrilled when I receive one!  Consider a Stitch Fix gift card for someone that you know likes Stitch Fix or has been meaning to try it.



  1. Always like to see your preview of stitch fix and glad you had a great birthday celebration 🎉 🎂


  2. Oh man that little lemon top is soooo cute! I’m always a sucker for a super soft top and you look great in that purple color. I’m kind of crushing on those white shorts too. I’m currently trying to decide on my fix!

    Thanks for linking up with Ageless Style!

    Shelly The Queen in Between

  3. That lemon top is my absolute fave, but I love lemons right now. 🙂 That raw hem purse is really unique and I love it, too! I usually only ask for tops, bottoms and dresses in my fixes, but I love to see the bags, shoes, etc. that others get in theirs!


  4. Paula, this is so weird. Your last 5 posts all came through on my reading list at the same time, but I see they date back several weeks. We are here at the lake and OF COURSE it’s raining, but it’s a good day to catch up on your blog. By the way, I do like the top you purchased as well as the dress that you didn’t.

    1. That is very strange. How do you read my blog? Bloglovin’ or some other reader?

      We are entertaining out of town guests this weekend at the lake and I’m hoping that we’ll have good weather for their visit.


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