Missing My Blog

Hello blogging friends!  It’s been a busy two weeks in Sweet Pea land and I haven’t had much blogging time.  I sure do miss it!  I’m teaching a new to me course at school this year and it’s like being a first year teacher.  I always work hard, but the time I’m having to spend this year to prepare for my new class is overwhelming.  I’m constantly feeling like I’m in water and I can just barely keep my head above it to stay alive.  The great thing about this school year is that I have really sweet, well behaved students.  I thank my lucky stars each day for that.

I’m hoping to have time soon to share a few fun things, but most of my fun lately has involved planning physical science lessons and I doubt that any of those would be of interest to my readers.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall and having a good week!


  1. We understand — and we’ll be right here when you can come and play. I know a couple that the husband has forbidden his wife to change grades teaching elementary school — she’s done it once and he said that the work she had to do was a horrible load. I’m lucky, I work in a school in the office — doing the ordering and registrations — It’s the same year after year…..

  2. I’d like to personally thank you for not blogging about physical science lessons…it would take me back to a bad place. 😉 Miss you and hope you have a chance to come back and blog soon!

  3. I happen to think that the teaching job is super important in our country! – So take your time to make the best lessons possible –

  4. I’d LOVE to hear what you’re doing- I just happen to have a 7th grader! I’m quite sure they’re lucky to have you
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had much time to read my favorite blogs…like yours.

    And, I’m with Amanda – physical science does not bring back happy memories for me!

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