Mixed Doubles Tennis

This afternoon I had my first mixed doubles tennis match for the fall season. I play on a 6.0 team captained by my hubby. I’m a 2.5 player and hubby is a 3.0 player, so we most likely won’t play together. That’s probably a good thing because I have a bad temper and tennis can turn on an evil streak inside of me. My partner, who is the fiance of one of the ladies on my spring woman’s team, wasn’t playing like he usually does and we lost 7-10 in a third set tie-breaker. Boy, I would have loved to have won our first match, but there are many more to be played. I was pretty happy with the way I played. I messed up too many times at the net, but I think that I more good than bad shots.

It was a great afternoon to be on the courts. Cool air temperature, blue skies, and no humidity. Hubby and partner also lost in a third set tie-breaker. Our third court won, so that’s good. Our team is called the Muddogs. Hubby named us that because that was the the name of the football team in the movie “The Waterboy.” Next time, I’m going to name the team

I’m in two tennis contracts with a bunch of older ladies that I love. I play with one group on Tuesday and the other on Thursday. After we play, we go into the club to drink wine and talk.

I like this skirt. I may order it this week.

This top would look nice with it.

The wife of my first tennis coach told me, “If you can’t play, then display.” I like that advice!!

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