A Beautiful Wedding

I love everything about weddings: the flowers, the dresses, the food, but I don’t get to go to weddings very often now that I’m in my late 30’s. Saturday, we were invited to a beautiful wedding at Oakridge Estate in Nelson County. Since I’m from Nelson, I’ve been to a few weddings at Oakridge and even had my 10 year class reunion there. It was empty for years and years and was purchased and refurbished when I was in college. I was so excited when I got to see it for the first time. I’d always heard all about it, but the property was guarded when the estate was uninhabited, and you can’t see it well from the road.

We have been friends with both the bride and groom for a long time. The groom is in his mid-40’s, never married, and very athletic. The bride is in her mid-30’s, never married, and also very athletic. A good friend of mine set them up, they dated a few years, and now they are husband and wife.

Now, to share some scenes from the wedding.

Front of Oakridge Estate:

Back of the estate – This is where the wedding and festivities were held

Just Married!

First Dance

I love the back of her dress.
The Cake

Wedding Festivities

This one is kind of dark. I’m in the brown dress beside the girl in the white and black toile dress.
Doing what I do best – Talking!
Leaving for Wintergreen for the night


  1. Preppy Napkin,
    My mother still lives in Nelson. I grew up in the northern part of Nelson in Afton. If the friends of your parents live in the Afton area, chances are that Mama knows them. Small world, huh?!

  2. I am not excatly sure where they lived in Nelson. My Dad was the high school football coach there in the early 70’s. They still keep in touch with the Rothgeb’s. Do you know them?

  3. That’s so pretty! I’m actually considering an Oak Ridge wedding. Where in Afton did your parents grow up? My mother grew up on Pounding Branch Road, which a lot of people know as Fox Hollow. It’s a small world, and a lot smaller when you start talking about Nelson!

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