Tennis Promotion

USTA updated rankings yesterday and I moved up to a 3.0. I was a little surprised because winning is rare for me. I guess I moved up because I played in a 3.0 Spring league as a 2.5 and was competitive. I only won once, but I was close on most of the matches. (I played singles all Spring because no one on our team wanted to do it. I love singles!) In our winter and fall mixed doubles the same thing happened. I didn’t win a lot, but was competitive. Hubby moved up to a 3.5. I hate that because now we can’t play mixed doubles together in our 6.0 league. He is the best partner ever. He stays calm, never gets mad, and says encouraging things throughout the match. My good friend, Julie, stayed 2.5. I guess I’ll have to share hubby with her for 6.0 mixed doubles. Now I need to find a new partner!??!


  1. USTA tennis league is how I meet my husband. I have been to 2 Usta National Finals,I had the same doubles partner for over 12 years.I hate singles,we played #1 doubles most of the time.Keep it up,it’s the best.

  2. Wow! I need to find a partner like yours. You probably think alike by now on the court. I like singles because if I mess up I don’t feel like I’m letting anyone down but myself.

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