Fall Blooms

Having four distinct seasons is one thing that I love about life in Virginia.  I prefer warm weather but fall is here, so I may as well enjoy it.  Each season brings something different to my flower beds.  These fall blooming Crocus were given to me by my grandmother.  They send up pretty green foliage in the spring that dies back by summer.  You’d never know that anything was planted in the area and then all of a sudden, its fall and there they are. 
Fall Crocus

Granny also passed these Colchicums on to me.  They multiply quickly! 

I hope that they will still be blooming when the mums in front of them flower.

A fall blooming Clematis climbing a trellis is starting to put on its annual fall show.  I prune it hard in mid-summer to keep it from growing over the windows and onto the roof.

I’m looking forward to Chrysathamums and Asters blooming later this fall.  This patch of Asters should be spectacular in a few weeks.

What blooms are you now enjoying?


  1. You have such a variety of blooms in your yard – I love it and learn new plants each time! Your yard looks fantastic.

  2. I love crocus blooms! So pretty!!! I thought my wave petunias in a container had died from neglect, but they came back with a vengeance this week!

  3. I LOVE Crocus! I have never heard of Colchicums….but how pretty! I will have to check those out. Mums are the only thing blooming at my house now….well, except my ferns are still hanging in there!

  4. Our crocuses are just popping up now too. I love how they just seem to appear over night like magic. Beautiful! I’ve ordered spring bulbs for my garden but next year I will definitely be adding some of these.

  5. Paula, you still have a lot going on in your garden. I don’t have many fall flowers at all. I think I need to change that! πŸ˜€ Carla

  6. I’ve never heard of fall crocuses. I can see that you have a very green thumb. I love mums in all the fall colors. That’s all I have blooming now.

  7. I am enjoying my roses and hydrangeas! πŸ˜€ Your flowers are so pretty. I love the little yellow blossoms!

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Fall Blooms

My poor yard, garden, and flower beds are looking pretty pitiful due to the hot, dry weather we’ve had here in Virginia. I’ve got some tough plants who are making things a bit colorful in my yard.
This fall blooming Clematis grows on a trellis in the front of my house. Hubby hates this thing because it would cover the house, if I let it. I’m glad that I took these pictures last week because we had one day of rain and the Clematis fell off the house and is now on top of my bushes. I’ll have to cut it off this weekend.

These Colchicums came from my grandmother’s yard in Pearisburg, VA. She’s in a nursing home now and is unable to garden, so these are special to me.

Colchicums hiding in my Lantana.


  1. I’ve always wanted some colchiums but never have gotten around to seeing if they’ll do here…how wonderful is it that yours came to your from your granma? πŸ™‚

    and I’m in the market for a sweet autumn clematis…thanks for remind me :)…and the DH thanks you too πŸ™‚

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