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More Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are enjoying a day filled with family and good food.

I have a few more vintage Thanksgiving cards to share.  This one has a really pretty design.  It’s sent to Aunt Willye who received it before she married and became Mrs. Geo Funk.  Lulu (Granny always called her “Aunt Lulie”) is another of my grandmother’s sisters.  Do you remember Heironimus?  I shopped there for many years before it closed.  Aunt Willye must have worked in the Roanoke store.  I think that Lulu(ie) was a hat maker and must have made and sent Willye a new hat to wear, maybe for Thanksgiving! 
Thanksgiving Post Card1
Thanksgiving Post Card2

This one looks like it was sent to Willye from Lulu’s husband or maybe another relative who lived with them in Norfolk.
Thanksgiving Card3Thanksgiving Card4

I purchased this card at an antique shop because I loved the design.
Thanksgiving Card5Thanksgiving Card7

“Dear Pa, Ma, and Helen, I must send you a Thanksgiving card with a terky on it.  Terkies are 20 cts a lb. here rather expensive.  aint it.  it snows everyday her now.  Best wishes  Ella.”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Paula,
    What a fun collection and I love seeing the ones handwritten. I still “make” the kids hand write letters. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I have put small frames around some of our family postcards and used them as decorations on tables, bureaus, etc. I have Valentines and some everyday ones. But, I don’t have any Thanksgiving ones. Hmm, may have to go antique shopping. Yours are so unique because you know the history of them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Paula! I love these- especially the handwritten. I just posted a note from my beloved Aunt Kitty in her beautiful handwriting!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  4. I love your vintage postcards! That first one is my favorite. The design is so pretty and I love that it is handwritten to a membe of your family. So sweet!

  5. Thats something you rarely see nowawdays, Thanksgiving greeting cards although I did get on in the mail from my hubby’s aunt who has always been a good corresponder, same with my mother-in-law and her other sister. I love nostalgia, thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful postcards. It’s funny to see that the address is just the name and the city (no street address or zip), shows you how much times have changed. Try sending something like that now.

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