No Crowd Black Friday Shopping

Yesterday my mom, aunt, cousin, and I had a fun-filled day of shopping and encountered no crowds and no traffic.  We waited in no lines and witnessed no pushing and shoving to get a bargain.  Admittedly, we didn’t get too many items checked off of our Christmas shopping lists, but we sure had a good time!

Stop one was the Dayton Farmer’s Market.  There’s a great Mennonite owned lamp shop in the Dayton Farmer’s Market that my mom and I like to visit.  I’ve been searching on-and-off for a shade for this lamp for several years.  If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’ll remember it from this decorating dilemma post.  A few weeks ago the nice couple that own the shop helped me to pick the perfect shade for my lamp from a catalog, but after ordering it, we found out that it is no longer available.  They helped me to pick a new one and hopefully I can share it with you soon.

The cabinet behind this lamp is where we store our Christmas tree!

It’s fun to browse around the market.

A short drive down Rt. 11 took us to Rocky’s, an antique mall and also a great place to buy silver and jewelry.

I have always adored hunt scenes and was so tempted to buy this, but I resisted.

I also have a fish platter obsession and was drawn to this fish print.  Wouldn’t it look great in a future lake house?  Again, I resisted.

The next stop was charming downtown Staunton for lunch and more shopping.  I bought a few vintage Christmas things in a shop here that I’ll share in another post.


This tree that we saw in an antique mall booth was crafted from pasta!  Someone spent a lot of time on this.

The next stop was The Meating Place in Meadowbrook for frozen hamburger and fresh steaks.  I grew up on meat from the shop.  My dad used to buy a 1/2 a cow here, so we always had a freezer full of good quality meat to enjoy.  Now I buy meat when I’m in the area.  It’s excellent quality and very tasty!  I should have bought a ham.  There’s nothing like good country ham!

Everything is processed in the store.
Joan from Applejack Lane lives very near The Meating Place and one of her relatives started the business.  I saw Applejack Lane on this visit so now I know where Joan lives!  Let me tell you, her area of Virginia is one of the prettiest spots you’ll see.

Our last stop was The Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft.  Here you can buy cheese and food in bulk.  Mama and I always buy spices here because they are very inexpensive.  My newest spice purchase is Anise Seed to make Biscochitos, a traditional cookie from New Mexico.

It was a fun day and definitely nice not to be in any crowds.  If you went Black Friday shopping, I hope that you got some great deals and that you didn’t encounter any terrible crowds.


  1. Looks like a fun day, Paula! I didn’t venture out until the evening and I think the crowds were mostly gone by then.

  2. I would have to have taken at least one of those hunt pictures home with me Paula. The Amish shop…was it the one we went to?

  3. That Christmas tree was made from pasta? That is amazing! Looks like y’all had a great time. I haven’t been antiquing in forever! Glad y’ll had a good time.

  4. What a fun trip you had. So smart to go away from the crowds. I might consider taking that route some time. Have you ever been to Lexington around Christmas time? We go there every other year during football season and I love the small town look. Christmas time and small towns go well together.

  5. I confess — I did the Black Friday thing. We got to Belk at 4 a.m. It was busy when we got there but not so when we checked out. Then we went to Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News. We didn’t stand in a REAL line all day. I think a lot of people must have gone out at midnight — we were like the second wave of crazy shoppers. Anyway, I love how you spent your Black Friday. Isn’t Rocky’s great?!? I’m making a note of the meat and cheese shops — that sounds right up our alley.

  6. It looks like such fun! I would get out and shop more if I lived close to my sister! I stayed home and decorated some! ♥

  7. Looks like a fun day! We went to one thrift store on black friday and they were busy, but nothing like the stories we saw on the news!
    Those prints you saw would look beautiful in your future lake house, impressed that you could resist. I am not always that good.

  8. You went to some of my favorite places!!! When you are in the area again, drive up the lane and see if anyone is at home.

    BTW, I would go for the fish print. I don’t think you will see another like it!

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