Must Brag a Little Bit

I have so many ideas for new posts and so little time. Working really gets in the way of my fun!

My USTA team is in last place this season. We’ve only had two matches so far and have lost both of them. In USTA there’s 3 doubles courts and 2 singles courts. I played #1 singles last night and WON! The great thing about it is the lady I played is one of the most hated tennis players in Lynchburg. She is notorious for making horrible line calls and for cheating. She played a fair game, was very nice, and I beat her in a match tie-breaker. Now, if I don’t win again, I can savor this one sweet victory!

I’m playing doubles on Thursday. We’ll see how that goes.


  1. There is always one player like that in every league/group. People like that use to beat me mentally. Tennis is such a head game- more so with women. “Cheaters” can be beat by niceing them to death.Ick #1 singles. I had the same doubles partner for 13 years,I miss her everyday. Many great USTA memories. Went to Nationals one year in Tucan @ 3.5’s. Good luck with your season.

  2. You went to the Nationals – Wow!! What an accomplishment.

    I shouldn’t have bragged, I played like crap last night. Couldn’t do a thing right.

  3. Wow- great win! Did you play a third set or did you play a tiebreaker? I lost 2 out of 2 matches in the tie break because I didn’t have time or energy for a third set. The club I play for is now requiring we play a third set. Don’t know that I can do it!

  4. We play a set tie-breaker to 10 points. It would be to my advantage to play a 3rd set because chances are, I’d outlast most of the ladies that I play. 3 sets of singles is tough!

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