Baby You’re A Firework!!

Not the kind in the sky, not the Katy Perry kind, the Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’ botanical kind!
It’s fireworks season in my yard!  Beautiful Goldenrod is exploding with its arching yellow blooms in several of my beds.  This is a great plant for my yard as it is deer resistant.  It’s a bit invasive but easy to pull up if you find it growing in an unwanted spot.

Baby you’re a firework!  Come on and let your colors burst!

Make ‘em go oh, oh, oh!

Are you singing to yourself now?

This is a great plant for a mixed season flower bed.  It provides a green background for spring and summer blooms and then puts on its own fabulous show in early fall.  I started with three small plants many years ago and now have bunches of it.  If you see it in your local garden center, consider adding it to your bed for fall interest.


  1. It’s beautiful, Paula! A lot of people think they’re allergic to goldenrod, but I’ve heard that it’s the ragweed that grows at the same time that gives most folks allergy troubles. The goldenrod is absolutely gorgeous!

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