New Front Door Arrangement

I made this today for my front door. I think the cornucopia basket looks festive for this time of year. I bought most of the supplies last year and didn’t use them, so it was just a matter of sitting down and putting it together. I also put away my Halloween decorations and got out my turkeys. A Hokie girl has to have her turkeys!

I finished Eat, Pray, Love on Friday and would recommend reading it. The pray section was a little long for me – I just don’t “get” meditating. The eat and love sections were really enjoyable.

I hate the time change!! Dark evenings make me want to just go to bed. I have a faculty meeting after school tomorrow. I’ll be lucky to finish my run before it gets dark. I’m making a vow now that I won’t use the darkness as an excuse not to exercise. Maybe if I announce it here, I won’t keep talking myself out of doing something productive.

Mama gave me another “treat” this weekend. I’ll take a picture to post this week!


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