An Old Amaryllis Blooms Again

It’s fun to buy a new Amaryllis bulb and have it bloom just in time for Christmas or shortly after, but when you’ve had the bulb for a few years, it can be difficult to get them to re-bloom in winter.  Mine decided to wait for spring to put on a show.

The foliage on this bulb popped out about two months ago and I didn’t think that it would bloom.  Surprise!  It did.  I have two others that should join the blooming party in the next week or so.

This Amaryllis has a really pretty pink color.


I’m glad that I didn’t give up on it!



  1. You must have the Midas touch. I have never been able to keep mine very long, much less have it bloom twice!

    Happy Easter, Paula!


  2. Hello, sweet friend!

    How are you?! I’m so SO sorry I’ve been MIA! What a whirlwind of a spring so far!

    Gorgeous flowers 🙂 My favorite is the lovely Lilly – hubby recently surprised me and had some waiting on me when I got home from work 🙂

    Hope you have a great spring day!


  3. It’s soooo pretty. Lilly’s are my favorite! I’m jealous. I kill plants. I have a black thumb. I am like the plant angel of death.

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