More Fall Decorations

I love autumn decorations! Each weekend I’ve been adding a little more and changing things around a bit. Today I’ll share what is on my screened porch.

This is a wreath that I have hanging on the wall. I made it several years ago. I don’t know if you can see it, but there are glittery acorns mixed in with the pumpkins and leaves.

This bench stays on the porch and usually holds my potted amaryllis. The amaryllis have been put in the dark for a few months to encourage them to bloom, so that left room for some Halloween decorations. The gourds are ones that I dried, scrubbed, and then rubbed with some light oily stain. The pot was my grandmother’s.
This one looks better in person. The plant stand is from Southern Living at Home. The bucket that came with it is currently being used to hold dried Hydrangeas, so I put a faux pumpkin in its place.

This is an old plant stand that also came from my grandmother’s house. I don’t remember her ever using it. I want to wind some Bittersweet around it. I’ve been eyeing some in the woods, but the berries are still green. Maybe it needs some cold nights to turn red.

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