Silk Tie Easter Eggs

Have you seen eggs dyed using neckties around blogland?  I’ve been wanting to try this Martha Stewart project for a few years now.  Click here for Martha’s directions.

I raided Mr. SP’s tie collections for a few that he could do without.  Note that the two on the left are brand new and have never been worn.  (And that’s a good thing.)  I ended up not using them and will save the one on the far left in case there’s ever an ugly tie contest to enter.


I used a seam ripper to deconstruct each tie.


Elsie came over and helped with the rest of the project.  We wrapped each egg in silk with the print facing the egg.  Then we wrapped each egg in white fabric and used a twist tie to secure the white fabric.  The eggs were boiled for 20 minutes along with three tablespoons of vinegar.


Our eggs have some white spots because we didn’t secure our fabric tight enough with the twist tie.

We rubbed each egg with vegetable oil to make them shine.

Elsie took half of the eggs home and I kept half.  I displayed mine in a planter from my collection.


This was a fun project and one that a mom could easily do with older kids.  I’ll bet that Goodwill has bunches of ties with patterns that would look great on an egg.




  1. How beautiful! I’ve got to check this project out. Thanks for the link. She is now on the Hallmark channel each morning at eleven so I can watch her today. Yes!

  2. Oh my Gosh! That is so cool!!!! I’ve never seen anything like it! I totally love it! I may be hitting the Goodwill tomorrow. Hubby’s got lots of UGGGGLLLLYYY ties that wouldn’t make pretty eggs and I can’t use the pretty ones.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have NEVER heard of this, but they are absolutely LOVELY. Probably the most special Easter Eggs I’ve ever seen.

  4. Oh my goodness, these are ah-mazing! I’ve never seen or heard of doing this but I will have to rummage through my Dad and Husband’s old ties. Wonderful blog, I’m your newest follower!

  5. Oh I love these. They turned out so beautiful. I will have to try and make these next year!

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