On the Road Again

It’s vacation time for the Sweet Peas. We are driving all day today to reach our destination, Vermont!! We are skiing Friday through Monday and then relaxing at The Woodstock Inn until Wednesday when we make the long journey back to Virginia. Our laptop is dead and didn’t come with us, so I won’t be posting or commenting much until after Christmas. I’ll keep reading your posts on my phone, but it is too difficult to make comments.

A vacation is exactly what we need right now. A week in beautiful VT is just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy this festive, fun, and crazy time of year!


  1. Paula,
    For once you could have stayed right here in Virginia and had snow up to the kazoo! We had about 24 inches here in Staunton. Other neighboring areas had even more. But it is wonderful to go to new places, see new faces, and have new stories to tell!

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