Biking Weekend

Labor Day weekend’s weather has been perfect:  blue skies, cool temperatures, warm sun, and low humidity. Have you been able to really enjoy this beautiful weather?  We have, but not like I expected to enjoy it.

I’ve been trying to mentally make lemonade because my back has thrown lemons at me.  I broke down last week and took a half day off from school to see a physical therapist because I knew that something was really wrong with my back.  I’ve suffered from muscle spasms and back pain since August 2nd and my life feels like it has been on hold.  My therapist found that my pelvis was out of position in four places and now we are working on getting my muscles strengthened to hold myself in the correct place.  I’ve played tennis once in almost a month.  I miss it!!  I haven’t gone for a run since last Sunday.  I need to run!!  My therapist told me not to run or walk until my back is fixed.  I almost cried until she told me the good news….I’m allowed to bike because my pelvis stays in a forward position while biking.  Biking is my lemonade for now.

Saturday I took a ride on my mountain bike on our local bike trail while Mr. SP played tennis.  I am not very confident on my mountain bike because I have a hard time getting out of my clip-in pedals.  I’m also terrified that a dog on a leash will get between my wheels or that a small child will dart out in front of me.  I never really relaxed while I rode but at least I moved a bit.  I carried my phone with me, just in case, and took a few pictures.  The trail crosses the James River and is quite scenic in this area.  This old railroad bridge is pretty and so are the views of the mountains.  It’s starting to look a bit like fall!

I begged Mr. SP to buy a mountain bike for me.  I pictured myself riding through the woods year round.  I am a road biker at heart and never got the hang of riding off road.  It scares me more than even snakes or alligators.  This mountain bike is lucky to even travel on a gravel road. 
On Sunday, Mr. SP loaded up our road bikes and we headed to our old biking stomping grounds in Appomattox.  We hadn’t ridden our road bikes in a few years and we wanted to ride where there would be little traffic.  We used to road bike a lot.  Like over 2000 miles per summer.  Road biking was our thing!  We even went on a road biking trip for our honeymoon.  We quit road biking when we got into tennis.  There’s a lot less of a chance of getting killed on a tennis court.  I’ve missed biking.  I truly don’t think that there’s a better workout than being on a bike.  We had a great ride and it mentally gave me the glass of lemonade that I needed.
These pictures were taken with my phone.  This is one of my all time favorite biking stretches.  The farms in this area grow tobacco, corn, and soybeans.

I’m hoping that when I have my PT appointment on Tuesday that I’ll be told that I can run.  I miss my tennis but I suppose I’ll have to run without back trouble before I can hope to play tennis. 

Enjoy this beautiful day!  I think we’ll probably head to the lake to take advantage of a day off with sun.


  1. Beautiful scenery. How fun to be out biking and enjoy such great weather. Hope your back is better soon. Hugs, Marty

  2. Paula, I am so sorry that you are in pain and can’t enjoy the activities you are used to. 🙁 I AM glad you get to bike. Your photos are great!!! Love the old bridge. We’re off to the mall right now. 😉

  3. So sorry you are having back problems Paula. I know you will bounce back quickly. I really love biking even though I don’t do it much any more. What a beautiful place you had for biking.

  4. Paula, well hopefully you’ll be on the mend soon now that the issue with your back has been identified. Riding your bike is a great alternative if playing tennis isn’t an option right now. Lemonade from lemons is a good analogy.

    Your pictures are beautiful, you are very fortunate to live in an area so full of photo opportunities.

  5. Oh, Paula, I’m so sorry that your back trouble is continuing! You were right to head to a PT. Have you ever tried chiropractic care? I used to think it was nonsense, but it has really, really helped my husband and me. It’s all about bringing the spine back into alignment when something shifts out of place. One of my legs is considerably larger than the other (part of a rare disorder I have), so my hips often get misaligned. The chiropractor is able to move them back where they’re supposed to be. My friends in the medical profession think I’m nuts for seeing a chiropractor, but it has REALLY helped!

    Glad that you’re having a good weekend. The weather has been so beautiful; it’s been great to be outside, hasn’t it?

  6. Bless your heart! I am so sorry about your back! It stinks not to be able to play tennis and run, doesn’t it? I know how much you love it! I’m glad you can at least ride your bike though. Y’all look too cute in your bike gear!

    Love that bridge. Sooo cool looking! Beautiful scenery!

    Feel better soon!!!

  7. Such a pretty ride. I’m so happy it’s cooling down here…yesterday when I went out to get the paper I just thought….aaaaahhhh, finally!

  8. I love the photos of the bridge, the mountains, and creek – takes my breath away! I hope you are on the mend and back to your favorite activities soon! Happy Labor Day!

  9. Back pain is no fun. I hope you’ll be back in the swing of things real soon. Meanwhile, sit back and watch the Hokies tonight on TV!

  10. you are absolutly right!! this weather is fab!! & bike riding is a perfect way to enjoy it all. We bike every now & then down at the trails over here…its a great workout!
    Sorry to hear about your back..iknow how that can be. Ever since having my 2 kids my back has never been the same.

  11. Oh Paula, I am so sorry you are in pain! Glad you are getting the medical attention you need, and that you’ve found a way to get some exercise that you enjoy. What a seriously pretty place to bike!

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