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This past weekend I switched my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter.  We live in an older house with very small closets which forces me to keep out of season clothes and shoes in an upstairs closet.

When I switched my shoes, I noticed that my favorite summer Danskos were looking a bit dull and scratched. 

I’ll admit that it’s been a long time since I’ve polished any of my shoes.  My dad taught me how to polish shoes when I was a teen when it was important that my riding boots be perfectly polished for horse shoes.  I haven’t forgotten his lessons and I still have his brushes.

All you need to polish shoes is a shoe polishing cloth or old t-shirt, shoe polish, and a brush.

Wrap the cloth around your finger, rub some polish onto the cloth, then rub the polish onto your shoe.  You’ll immediately see the difference.

Note here what a difference a small amount of polish makes.

Brushing brings out the shine of the leather.  These truly do look almost new.

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Next spring when I do my next closet switch, I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I pull out my almost-new Danskos.

When was the last time you polished your shoes?


  1. mississippi artist says:

    I have to do the winter/summer switcheroo too! My winter shoes and boots looked horrible when I took them out yesterday. I just bought three basic polishs,so I guess I need to get busy!

  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    T polishes his shoes, but I don’t think I’ve ever polished mine. Great tip!

  3. My dad always had two pairs of dress shoes ready to go–he bought one brown and one black pair every time he got new shoes. It was my job to polish these every weekend. But I haven’t polished any of my shoes in FOREVER! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Athena at Minerva's Garden says:

    Your polished shoes look great! I polish my dance shoes, which I wear when I do our cabaret show. It does make a big difference in how they look. Thank you for stopping by my blog–it was great to hear from you, and I’m glad that you enjoyed my victrola cabinet that I painted!

  5. Nice job!

  6. Seriously, I would have never though to polish my own shoes… how sad is that. I’m off to buy some polish and clean up my shoes! 🙂

  7. Jenn "Rook No. 17" says:

    Beautifully done, Paula! I’m feeling inspired to tackle my shoe collection and give them all a fall facelift!

  8. Heather SettingforFour says:

    I always shine my boots and shoes up once and a while too – great tips here!

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