Repurposing a Brie Container

I made an awesome Brie appetizer at Christmas and couldn’t bear to throw away the container because I knew I’d find some use for it.  I’ve been carrying it in my gym bag to hold my jewelry. 

IMG_2684 It occurred to me this weekend that it would be much cuter if it were jazzed up with some scrapbook paper and ribbon.  I could have done something much cuter if I’d been willing to go shopping and buy some new paper, but I wanted to be thrifty, so I used what I had on hand.

Much cuter!


It’s the perfect size for carrying my jewelry to and from the gym and the price can’t be beat….Free!



  1. See, now something like this never would have occured to me! I’m so jealous! I would have just thrown the container away without another thought about it. Now I wonder how many other useful things I’ve so calously thrown in the trash! Great idea, and super cute!

  2. (I am visiting through Xazmin’s Mod Podge Mania.)

    This turned out so cute! Now I have a good excuse to go get some brie!

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