Stenciled Wall Update

Have you ever completed a project and then were just not quite satisfied with it?  I stenciled the wall behind our television in our family room back in August and at first was very happy with the results. Later I realized that what I did wasn’t quite the way I wanted it.

Take a look at this picture from August.  The fact that the stencil didn’t go all the way to the windows has bugged me for five months.

Do you see?

Today I decided to fix what’s been bugging me.  With less than an hour’s work that included prep and clean-up, I’m thrilled with the results.  I added one vertical column of the stencil to each side.  It fills in the space and now looks more complete.IMG_5735

Can you see the difference?

That was an hour well spent!

I’m sharing this project for Metamorphosis Monday at Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch and with Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading Party and I Heart My Crafty Cutter Party at Serenity Now.


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  1. You know…I’m with Calming Scents on this. I look at the first picture and thought this is gorgeous, I wouldn’t change a thing, but I really love it much better with the additional stenciling. Definitely an hour well spent.

  2. Your stencil project looks great. I have also had some projects that required a little bit of touch up. Even if no one else notices the problem, if it bothers me I do my best to fix it.

  3. The wall was beautiful before, and now is even more so. I love the gold color you used. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi..its my first visit…Love the stenciling, and the final step make it looked finished. What really caught my eye are your valances…did you make them? love how the fabric is gathered at the top (is it gathere thru grommets?)

  5. That looks great and I would love to have the patience to stencil a wall like that. I kind of want to do it in my powder room.

  6. Paula I love what you’ve done with this wall and extending toward the windows definitely helps to finish it out. I was wondering if the stencil comes to the base of your crown molding at the top? If it does, how would you feel about 30 minutes max more work and taking the stencil to the baseboard as if it fades into the baseboard? I think that would make it absolutely complete…but of course, it looks fabulous as is! It’s just a thought.

  7. Way to go, Paula! You’re right: that was an hour very well spent! Your room looks like such a nice place to hang out!

  8. Paula, I love the way that wall looks and so admire your energy and talent in doing a big stencil job. I can’t get a small one straight! Now I’m betting you’ll look at that pretty soon and go for the rest of the wall, even under the windows. It’s already stunning and will be even more so! Great job! Jane

  9. gorgeous – is that paint or vinyl? I agree the extra line on each just makes the wall! I love the gold color – very pretty!

  10. Paula, that sure would bug me too. It looks GREAT BTW and I am really enjoying your organizing posts, you inspire me! Keep at it girl – good job !!

  11. OH I love it! I think adding that last row was the perfect finishing touch!

    Stopping by from Amanda’s link party (:

  12. I ditto Fairfield House–your wall looks complete! 🙂 I am green with stencil envy. 😉 Thanks for linking up, girl!

  13. Too funny – this is exactly what I would do! Everyone else would be saying how wonderful it looks (and it did!) but that space would drive me crazy. Great job!

    PS – first visit, here from the Crafty Cutter linky party!

  14. I wanna know if you’ve had the itch to stencil anything else lately!!! 😉

    Thanks for linking this up with my “I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter” party. 🙂

  15. Wow!! It looks great!! Did you paint it using a vinyl stencil?? I can’t imagine trying to do a big wall like that–you did an amazing job! And I agree it looks more complete now–well worth the extra effort!

    Coming to you from Amanda’s linky party!

  16. That would drive me crazy too…it looks fabulous!! Found you through Serenity Now’s link up. I’m your newest follower.

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