Thrifty Treasures – Cute White Vase

Today is Monday, so that means it’s Thrifty Treasures Day over at Rhoda’s delightful blog, Southern Hospitality.  Be sure to visit Rhoda to see the great deals she found over the weekend.

I found this cute vase in Good Will this week for $1.14 with tax.  I love the shape of it and couldn’t pass it up for just over a dollar.  It will be perfect for flower arrangements or cute in a bathroom holding cotton balls.  I can even see it this fall with a pumpkin peeking out of the top.


I threw together a quick arrangement yesterday for our living room.  The flowers look a little droopy here, but they’ve perked up a bit and I think that I’ll get a few days of enjoyment out it.


I’m going to keep my eye out for more vases like these.  A grouping of various shapes and sizes would make a pretty display.


  1. I love that vase, Paula! I like your idea of putting a pumpkin in for Fall…I think that would look so cute!! 🙂 It’s milk glass, right???

  2. I love that vase. I haven’t bought one yet, but I am drawn to them! I love fresh flowers in the house, yours look beautiful!

  3. The vase is pretty, but the arrangement is spectacular! I think Black-Eyed Susans are my favorite flower, and I love bringing some inside and putting them in those old Ball canning jars. I think now that I’ll look for some white vases!

  4. The vase is perfect and your flowers are just lovely! Too bad they don’t last longer!

    Just wanted to tell you thanks and how much my daughter and SIL love your comments. She is always to tired, too stressed, and so overwhelmed by her daily routine, so she does not comment back. With the multitude of problems and Hubby’s health issues that she has to deal with, she does not blog about all the facts. So, believe me, when she reads your sweet comments, her spirits are truly lifted.
    Many thanks and blessings to you and yours…

  5. Hi I’m visiting from Rhoda’s blog. Such a pretty vase. It would indeed look lovely with a pumpkin on top. I like your blog name too. 🙂


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