Viola Centerpiece

Several weeks ago I shared a pretty table centerpiece featuring Primroses.  I’m ashamed to admit that in less than a week three of the Primroses died because I neglected to notice that they needed water.  The lone survivor is now on the counter near my kitchen sink in a fresh pot and is doing quite well.

The basket sat empty on my table until this past weekend when I filled it with Violas.  I so much enjoy having something fresh and blooming on my table and Violas fit the bill perfectly.  They have a pleasant scent which is another plus.

After I’ve enjoyed these inside, I’ll transplant them to pots on my porch.

Hope you are having a good week.  It makes me happy to see these pretty flowers on my table.  What’s made you happy this week?

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  1. How pretty, Paula! I have that same basket…from Southern Living (now Willow House) found at
    Goodwill several years ago and I never thought about using it that way! I LOVE that idea! Do you have little pots surrounded with Spanish moss? It looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!…hugs…Debbie

  2. So pretty Paula! This is a great way to use this container.

    I am happy because my daughter’s boyfriend will soon be home! 😉

  3. Hi Paula,
    Love your sweet basket of sweet peas.
    Adorable and flowers make me a happy girl too. If you want to see what made me happy this week, come over
    for visit.

    Have a Happy St. Patricks day,
    Irish blessings to you, Nellie

  4. Very pretty, Paula! I have a hard time keeping flowering plants alive in the house. Good idea to bring them out later.

    Happy Weekend!


  5. Great minds think alike, I just took two large containers of these happy little faces out of my car to be planted later today. Have a great weekend Paula.

  6. The flowers are so pretty. Your cute basket sure does make a beautiful centerpiece.

    I picked up a huge basket full of pansies from Costco. I put them on my patio table.


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