Visiting Granny

We traveled to Radford yesterday to visit my 92 year old grandmother. I am so much like my grandmother in looks, mannerisms, and in hobbies. Granny loved to cook, garden, craft, arrange flowers, read, and socialize. She was very athletic in her youth and still loves to watch sports on tv. (I do not.) Granny hates that she no longer can live at home and that she is limited in what she can do.

When I visit I like to take her a little something, this time it was an arrangement of Dahlias.

My dad made this carrier for me a long time ago. It is great for transporting flowers or a casserole.

The flowers traveled well without falling over.

Can you see the resemblance between me and Granny? Please ignore the fact that she is low-riding. Being confined to a wheelchair is tough!

Love you Granny!


  1. Oh my! You and your granny look SO much alike!!! She is so cute (you are too) and she looks very with it.

    Love your bouquet of dahlias but what I really like is the carrier your dad made. That is genius!!!

  2. My grandma will be 92 on Friday. She lived at home until she was 90, but now she’s in assisted living.

  3. Great picture of you both! I know she enjoyed visiting with you. Grandmother’s are so special.

    Love the carrier. I need to show this to the hubby.

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